Monday, July 25, 2005

Censorship and Dependency

One of the key components of human rights abuse is the censorship of real history and the consequent sanitization of what has happened. This is a 24/7 365 days a year event in this continuum. The "group" theory is central to the shield for LAPD. It can be a non-place culture in that all smokers are not localized in a specific geographic location. Conversely localisms, regionalism, and nationalisms, are also used as a substitute for formal rules as positive rights. In the United States this is the Bill of Rights and Amendments.

The result is an attack reversing the polarities of language. This is facilitated by mimicry and the resulting substanitive use of concepts will only be at this level. One's pet recognizes its name by about the level of mimicry. One's child begins to learn to speak at about this skill level.

Hence we have a disintegration of a system. A great deal of philosphy is considered linguistic or language based. Criminal diagnostics in degree rely on speech patterns. Here we are witnessing a creation of faulty language. The police use codes which are illegal and more part of a gang structure. The people who are defected to LAPD are desensitized to violence and basic norms. They are willing to entrap one another against these theories and laws while at the same time stating thet are promulgating such.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

De facto Systems: Defection and Prisoner's Dilemma

The main structual support for de facto systems is defection. In this instance I am refering to the standing set of rules that comprise citizenship in the Social Contract Theory which is the accepted model of government worldwide. Within this model are a set of primary and secondary laws. The primary laws are the rights of citizenship and the duties that one has to perform. The secondary laws are the codes that define the officials and procedures that are used to uphold the primary law.

In de facto or criminal acts, usually elements of the secondary law usurp the right of the citizen. Hence this is a rule of force. The elements are usually the military or police.

Impunity is usually sought from prosecution directly from the courts. If the de facto elements are free from any consideration of criminal or civil prosecution the operation will have room to expand until it is checked. In this instance the culture and resilience of the population are disintegrated as the operation needs continued support to survive and at the same time create scapegoats for any proceedings that do arise. There are also defacto purges.

In distributive justice the real constitution defines what is the commonweal of the people. In defacto states rogue element offer “deals” that reflect “interests”. The latter tem is used quite frequently in International Relations and quid pro quo or something for something is used at times for “deals”.

It is within this basic framework a corrupt stage of history has occurred in the United States occurred under:

· Ronald Reagan
· George Bush Sr.
· Bill Clinton
· George Bush III

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

On Sandra Day O'Connor

On Sandra Day O’Connor


The legacy of Sandra Day O’Connor will not be measured in her positions on swing issues as abortion. She will be greatly remembered, as will all of the Rhenquist court for what they did not do.

What I am referring to is de facto human rights abuse that has occurred over the past twenty years. I am referring to the gassing of localities buy using common cars driving around with substances as sulfur and acid in the tank, pandemic harassment by illiterate drones of the police, and blatant abuse of electronic surveillance in the media space.

I have personally been in Washington, DC numerous times as George Bush’s inauguration and Bill Clinton’s speech to Vietnam War veterans.

I was in Mission Bay, San Diego when Judge O’Connor gave a commencement speech at USD.

The world, USA, population and media are fatalistically dependent on corrupt and incompetent officials as Sandra Day O’Connor.


Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

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