Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Professor Craig Jenkins


President Barack Obama

Dear Professor Craig Jenkins

Peace, War & Social Conflict

A Section of the American Sociological Association,


I am writing you to express my concern over the impact that the Unrecognized Scorched Earth – Chemical Assault program, currently in continuo since June 17, 1987 will have over the Condition of Humanity and the study of International Relations. As I am writing you, the Salton Sea, California is a Scorched Earth site. This inland sea is totally a Toxic Waste Land.

At hand is Crime Against Humanity universally and Treason, Obstruction of Justice, and Intimidating a Witness here in the United States. This prima facie argument has the same implications for those persons who are citizens of the United Kingdom under the ICCPR.

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am stating that Cambridge Law School is the proximate cause, sine qua non. This maneuver alienates one individual’s natural person and citizenship from legal person before the court.

This attack is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC; allegedly by the authorship of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

Hence MOEC is Undermining Civilization through this line: United Kingdom - Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, United States – Los Angeles Police Department, California and LGBTi Movement.

The overall principle that is being employed is State Creation. Undermining and Prisoner’s Dilemma are the main drivers of the process and structure.

This event is an emergent structure that appears to be consolidating the mechanism(s) that expands and contracts the British Empire. Currently the Anglo American Paradigm is in decline by this intentional activity. Who will benefit in the short and long run?

A key perspective in International Relations are Systems Transformations at three levels: 1. International 2. International 3. Local.

There are two main subsystems of MOEC: 1. Lycurgus – non nuclear 2. Akbar – nuclear.

There are three components to this MOEC:

Nuclear Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Biological Warfare

Currently I am in the condition equating to Akbar.

The Strategic Mission at this stage of MOEC is Gay or Same Sex Marriage. As I write Hollingsworth v. Perry or Proposition 8 is awaiting to be heard before the Supreme Court on March 26, 2013.

The attack on the American President and Constitution is based on alienating one person from his Bill of Rights protections. This is based on a Same Sex qualification for rights. The result is the creation of a RICO Criminal Enterprise that is a circular folly. Hence homosexual, blackmail and extortion are the primary defense mechanism for perpetuating the attack.

It is prima facie at this point in History that the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan – Obama have been de facto and corrupt in executing the Office of the Presidency.

A system of eugenic engineering is paired with quid pro quos, a Yellow Brick Road instead of merit based promotion and Targeted Chemical Assaults is developed in nodes throughout the world.

I am the main and only target that has the fullblown Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth imposed over their person and citizenship. This attack could occur if I was heterosexual.

Since LAPD has carried out the attack, I have been disclosed the model and particular concrete events.

At issue is the allegation that Technological Singularity is being developed to sanitize the history of War Crimes especially by the United Kingdom.

President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target and I am the Singularity Target.

My response has exceeded the Authorships expectations. Not only have I survived the attack, I am slowly mounting a Second Strike against such. The Process and Structure of MOEC are reasonably certain. Novelty and some very deception decoy and traps are the only issues that could negate by line, not the Totality of MOEC alleged existence.


According to law the United Kingdom and United States are engaged in guerra bellicose. As the belligerents these actors would be obligated to punish those guilty parties and recompensate the victims. It appears a type of Marshall Plan will be created.

It is prima facie that President Barack Obama is aware of the attack on the Salton Sea. He has won two Presidential Elections and has been inaugurated twice while such was despoiled. Water in taps is contaminated. Food and other durable items in stores is contaminated for hundreds of miles radiating from my person.


Currently it is alleged that Syria has been using small Chemical Attacks. Obama’s calculus on such is one of hypocrisy.

If the International Community, legal and academic systems are serious about the rule of law than concrete actions must be taken to recognize and punish the perpetrators.

The Undermining will create a new class structure a form of Neo Fascism if the current trajectory is maintained.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, California

March 25, 2013


Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

Friday, March 15, 2013

Open Letter: Mark Takano D - CA


Mark Takano

Dear Congressperson Takano,

I have recently read your letter to President Obama dated February 25, 2013 to request an amicus curiae in the Proposition 8 or United States in Hollingsworth v. Perry case being heard March 26, 2013. As seen Solicitor General Verrilli has fulfilled your request.

When the citizen is confronting the United States Government, the Totality of Circumstances Test provides the correct constitutional resource to discern the facts and administer the correct remedy.

You write:

Dear Mr. President:

As the Member of Congress representing California’s 41st Congressional District, I thank you for filing a brief on behalf of the United States in United States v. Windsor and urge you to file an amicus brief for the United States in Hollingsworth v. Perry.

I have a unique perspective on the discrimination and harm occasioned by prejudice. During World War II, the United States Government removed all four of my grandparents, along with my parents, from their respective homes and sent them to Japanese American Internment camps. After the war, my family settled in Riverside County and rebuilt their lives. Despite the injustice they suffered, my parents raised my brothers and me to believe in the promise of America, that all of us are equal under the law.

Totalitarianism seeks to isolate the individual or group from participation in the social life of the nation.

At issue is the current Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth which has been manifest since June 17, 1987 since President Ronald Reagan. As I write just west of the Salton Sea is Chemically Despoiled.

My Bill of Right Protections as the Eight Amendment – No cruel or unusual punishment and my Fourteenth Amendment rights to Due Process and Equal Protection have been alienated. This activity is the result of a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. Hence there is a same sex qualification for Bill of Rights resources before the court. This action is allegedly the work of a Gay Militia operating with cells out of Los Angeles Police Department through mutual aid violations with other countries, states and local law enforcement.

This activity is reflects a scripted Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing ideology. Fascism is the school of thought that sanctioned the internment of your grandparents. I am a first generation Japanese American whose mother and person did not receive full civil right protections until the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Hence I am also a heterosexual male who has supported Proposition 8. As a result I am the most stalked person in this history of this nation. The Gay Militia, (the generic term is used because these actors can call themselves anything they wish under these conditions of fatalism and dependency) have entrapped five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan – Obama.

You state that your parents raised your brothers and yourself to believe that we are all equal under the law. The residents of the 41st District are bearing a heavy price for this act of Torture and Treason. If you believe that I am equal to Obama and yourself why do you not confront the President over this issue?

I grew up in Delaware; Vice President Biden lived about five houses down the street from me, in a home that would have sold for only $20,000 in 1972. I stuffed envelopes for him on his first campaign. I met his family. His wife and daughter were killed in an auto accident only a few months later. Thom Schiller, a very talented artist who brought me to the campaign headquarters would also later be killed several years later in a very severe car accident.

You continue:

In addition to being Japanese-American, I am proudly and openly gay. My road to Congress was not an easy one. When I ran for Congress in 1994, my LGBT status was a detriment to my efforts. Four years ago, 64.3% of Riverside County, where my District is located, voted for Proposition 8. But this past November, I ran again as a candidate for Congress, and the people of Riverside overwhelmingly elected me.

I am the first and only openly LGBT member of California’s 55-member Congressional Delegation and the first and only openly LGBT person of color to serve in either House. Despite the progress we have made and the historic significance of my election, there remains much to do before LGBT Americans achieve the promise of America.

In addition to being Japanese American, I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna which further complicates the criminal and civil liabilities as well as tears the social fabric which the Irrationalist – Fascist Movements have attempted to complete since WWI and WWII. On this issue you may find an ally in cohort Tulsi Gabbard D- Hawaii who is the first female veteran and first Gaudiya Vaishnava to serve since the Iraqi War.

Her father, Hawaii State Senator Mark Gabbard was instrumental in passing the ban on Gay Marriage there which may also be resolved by the Supreme Court this year.


I find your credibility on Equal Protection and Due Process to be more than suspect. I have lived where there are three Japanese Internment Camps, Inyo and Modoc County in California and across from Parker, Arizona. The Manifest Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth directly affects the sustainability of HIV-AIDS persons. My calculations are that one percent of all males in California are now HIV/AIDS positive.

If one person loses their rights then the whole loses also.

This is a crime of a depraved heart, a crime against humanity itself. The Tyranny of the Majority is also the Undermining of the Whole. These structures and processes have not been decapitated by Due Process but have been permitted to escalate. Punishment is the short run solution and education is the long run remedy.

I am exactly one day older than Obama being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. It is folly to expect a citizen to perform the Sworn Duties of the Commander in Chief. Obama is de facto and negligent in the exercise of the Office of the Presidency of the United States.

The Scorched Earth imposed over my person and the Salton Sea is alleged to cover up to one third of this nation and easily extends into Mexico.

Personally you should act a human and Congressperson. You cite that you pertain to the LGBT in-group. As you fail in performance there is an escalation in this Kangaroo Court.

The attack is clearly pinned to the United States in Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v Windsor cases now before the Supreme Court.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

March 15, 2013



Mobilization of Empire and Civilization