Sunday, June 25, 2006

College of the Redwoods


The cost of United States Federal lawsuit has risen to $350 USD. This will hold back my planned lawsuit against College of the Redwoods and Barbara Schneider in August until I exhaust administrative measures. This suit or another will definitely occur.
In the meantime LAPD and The Studio are still attempting to perpetuate the fraud that I am a member of LGBT community. All group type of classifications in my analysis are static and facing huge defeats.

I will go forward in developing a new site Red Herring - Straw Man that deals with the fallacies of logic, totalitarianism, and corruption that is part of the informant culture that LAPD recruits.

The social environment is totally corrupt and cowardly. I am positing my activities that we are in the endgame of this event. This is maybe 15 years or slightly more.
The police, public officials, and the members of the public who help harass and intimidate persons are facing civil as well as criminal punishment.

I am 100% certain that Barbara Schneider would go to prison as well as face prison for her antisocial activities.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Delaware State Police Woes

Arrest made in trooper case; Sergeant resigns from state force
By Drew Volturo, Delaware State News

DOVER - Delaware State Police Sgt. Charles R. Mullett surrendered at Troop 3 near Camden Tuesday and was arrested for allegedly removing various drugs from an evidence locker at the troop during the past three years. Sgt. Mullett, 45, a 19-year state police veteran who was assigned to Troop 3's criminal investigation unit, was charged with 10 counts of unlawfully obtaining possession of a controlled substance and seven other drug-related charges.

He was arraigned at Kent County Superior Court, one day after a Kent County grand jury returned an indictment Monday. Sgt. Mullett was released on $8,500 unsecured bond pending a case review June 27 in Superior Court.Following his arrest, the sergeant resigned from the state police, effective immediately.

Mr. Mullett had been suspended with pay but without police privileges since April 23 when he allegedly requested drug paraphernalia from Bayhealth-Milford Memorial Hospital while in an official capacity.According to the eight-page indictment, Mr. Mullett allegedly removed cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and Oxycodone, a pain reliever, between April 2003 and April 2006.

Delaware State Troopers' Association president Sgt. Vincent P. Fiscella said the former sergeant was injured on the job in 1997 trying to arrest a suspect and sustained a back injury that led to "unbearable pain" he worked with for another nine years.

"Dependence upon prescription medication has become a serious problem in our society," Sgt. Fiscella said Tuesday.

"It's really a shame we failed to recognize that there was a problem."

The grand jury issued an indictment of 10 counts of unlawfully obtaining possession of a controlled substance, theft and two counts each of possession of cocaine, possession of a hypodermic needle and syringe and official misconduct. "As law enforcement officers, we place our trust in the criminal justice system," Sgt. Fiscella said."We have faith that the result will be fair and just."

As part of his suspension, Mr. Mullett had been required to turn over his service weapon and police identification and lost access to the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System.

During a May 19 press conference, state police Superintendent Col. Thomas F. MacLeish said the agency's response to the alleged crime "sends a clear public message that the Delaware State Police will not allow any member to tarnish the badge of the Delaware state trooper."

Sgt. Fiscella said he was "disappointed" by the comment.

Last week, a U.S. District Court jury in Wilmington found that Col. MacLeish and his predecessor, L. Aaron Chaffinch, violated the constitutional rights of three state troopers and awarded them nearly $2 million in damages.Col. MacLeish specifically was ordered to pay punitive damages totaling $131,032.

State police will request the Delaware Council on Police Training to commence de-certification proceedings against Mr. Mullett, agency spokeswoman Sgt. Melissa Zebley said.

The request follows agency protocol for a member who is under administrative investigation for "a breach of internal discipline for which he could have been legitimately discharged had he not resigned his position prior to an adverse finding of fact being entered on the issue by the employing agency."

Staff writer Drew Volturo can be reached at 741-8296 or

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