Saturday, August 13, 2011

Failures In Leadership and Checks and Balances

obama - 50th

Obama’s 50th Birthday

David 3.50 - Copy

David Nollmeyer 50th Birthday – McCloud CA

The debilitated condition that the United States currently exists in demonstrates leadership failure and a check and balance against de facto and ommissive error. There has not been a correct intervention and remedy to serious violations of United States Federal and State Law.

The media, academia, and faith based organizations have yet to respond which for simplicities purpose we will call a linear problem. This is a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth designed as an attack on the human race through the United States, California, and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

This criminal activity is irrationalist and has successfully defeated the current schools of western rational management which emerged around the 1700s. For this matter it is also defeating any other alternative approach or theory that may be attempting to redefine management and decision making.

Hence a post modern model stressing diversity and stakeholders has not stopped any illicit activity from proliferating.

Currently President Barack Obama is beginning his defense of his presidency. Governor Rick Perry will announce his intention to run for the presidency in 2012 today August 13, 2011. Neither the Democrats or Republicans can lay claim to protecting life, limb, or property successfully. Inertia, complicity in delivering blackmail and extortion are the process of destruction and incompetence.

Modeling solutions for the future is an Ivory Tower pursuit. What is needed is volition in the president, homeland security secretary, and attorney general.

There is a profound Stockholm Syndrome developed over fatalism and dependency. This game theory based defection pattern only created informants who are alienated antisocials, sociopaths, and psychopaths. The future inheritance of misleadership with no counterweight leaves a staggering amount of despoiled environment and tangible wealth.

The sustainability of culture and society has suffered tremendously from miscarriage of the administration of justice.

These crimes should have been dealt with strongly and with certainty.

The Mythologies of the following presidents should be questioned by sane persons everywhere:

Ronald Reagan
George HW Bush
William Clinton
George W Bush
Barack Obama


Saturday, August 06, 2011

Dear Rep. Herger – R

Dear Rep. Herger


Wally Herger R- 2nd

I am writing you concerning the situation in McCloud, Siskiyou County California. Once again the air and now water running in the creeks through town are Chemically Contaminated.

I have alleged previously that this event is lead by a Gay Militia from LAPD California and their informant accomplices.

There are two components to Hate Crime. They are Quid pro Quos and Hostile Environment.
Prima facie the conditions of Hostile Environment are met by the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

Gang Stalking by the informant accomplices would rise to treason or obstruction of justice par minimum. Persons lay in wait at the Chevron Station, the market, gas station, and post office. They are receiving quid pro quos to stalk and intimidate people here. It is a disingenuous argument that an accomplice to a criminal could argue an alter ego self defense, hence they are trying to defend third parties when they are operatives of the original aggressors, LAPD's Gay Militia.

The Gay Militia at hand, sometimes named The Company, is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization or RICO structure.

Hence, this district is integral to a future prosecution of Barack Obama. I just turned 50 on August 3, Obama on the fourth.

The Gay Militia is a counter culture structure similar to the Ku Klux Klan of the 1930s. The population here believes that taking quid pro quos to economize and even get married is correct.

They are pre-fascist. It has been allegeded that a defection model has been designed to grant impunity for this attack by Cambridge Law School. They are using terms as Irrationalist Presidents and Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing. These terms, especially the latter are well earned. Just as the Know Nothings of the late 1800s were xenophobics, the Gay Irrationalist - Gay Know Nothing culture are antisocial. They have killed off their conscience of what is right or wrong.

This is a rural area. What is the difference between the town and country? Barack Obama winning the Norwegian Nobel Prize was a charade and hoax while the United States is being attacked by a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth program from a Gay Militia in LAPD.

Recently I just posted a paper on the Internet that was from a Cross Cultural Management Course (Multicultural Diversity). The Norwegian shooter Brievik attacked in Norway within 24 hours of the paper being posted. See:

A correct criminal and civil discovery will demonstrate the Hate Crime perpetuated here in McCloud and Mt. Shasta. I would state by observation 90 percent of the population is corrupt on non-merit based promotion. The Gang Stalking element is only slightly smaller.

This is live experimentation concerning Singularity. Are LGBTi persons more disposed to crime than Heterosexuals? The mapping of the human genome is complete. This argument is becoming focalized.

What does this mean? The performance over the last 24 years since June 17, 1987 the 200th Birthday of the Constitution is a disgrace.

The provocations against me as I am heterosexual or opposite sex by the LGBTi community is an embarrassment for them as they are cowards. LAPD demonstrates this by attempting to Gay Bait me here and handing the issue off to the future. Joe Solomense is the leader of Human Rights Campaign an LGBTi advocacy group. He has been paired to this issue and regardless of whether I am same sex orientated or opposite sex his absence is conspicuous.

The coward will choose crime.

My work is done completely in the open to sworn officials and the leading professional organizations for falsification purposes.

This socialization  and labeling of a pre-fascist Gay Irrationalist - Gay Know Nothing culture is well earned by the antisocial elements here under LAPD towards the future historic teaching and hopeful legal prosecution of Barack Obama or any other sworn official who refused to do his or her duty.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer
McCloud CA
August 6, 2011