Saturday, April 28, 2012

Open Letter To Rep McKeon R-CA


    Bishop CA

Dear Rep. McKeon,

Recently Charles Taylor was convicted by the International Criminal Court ICC for Crimes Against Humanity for atrocities while President of Liberia.

The Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program here in the United States goes on unabated since June 17, 1987. I am also arguing that this is a Crime Against Humanity and also treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness, and racketeering.

The Yellow Brick Road is a scripted theater of crime that will be prosecuted in US Federal Court or The Hague if need be.

In continuation the development of Artificial Intelligence or AI appears to be a front to sanitize Crimes Against Humanity by nation-states.

Barack Obama is 50 years of age. I am definitively stating that he is the target of technological Singularity and superintelligence or those supra-human skills that computers are projected to possess by 2046.

I have a strong official record of opposition attempting to bring to justice those actors, especially sworn officials who have permitted the United States and it's citizens to come under attack by a Gay Militia operating from LAPD.

Inyo County and the Owens Valley have a poor record of Human Rights. If anyone testifies from here from Reagan – Obama will be implicated both criminally and civilly.

What is occurring here is TREASON. You could hire an informant here for a dime.

Mitt Romney is no solution when you rig the outcome and not guarantee the opportunity you open yourself to blackmail, extortion, and the despoliation of property as what has occurred here.

I am the Simon Wiesenthal of this event. All persons born after 1955 have a very high probability of having to testify about what is being sanitized in the United states and especially Inyo County.

You should expose this event before more human causalities, more property destruction and the increase of criminality which is endemic here.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA

April 28, 2012

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Open Letter – Jon Kyl R-AZ


Dear Senator Kyl,

As the Unrecognized Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth continues to despoil both the Colorado River, air, and tangible property along the Ehrenberg AZ – Blythe CA crossing the main concern is the cost to human health and the rule of law.

What is focal is that this attack is being driven by Gay or Male Homosexual officers of LAPD. They are heavily entangled in a blackmail and extortion ring. They are on a fool's errand tor recruit more members to their so-called Gay Militia. What is unique is their attempt to OUT ME.

This has continually failed over my entire 50 years of life.

It appears prima facie that your OUTING and Sheriff Babea's recent exposure may be related.

Semantics aside you have not fulfilled your sworn duties to protect citizen's and property in Arizona.

What is dangerous is the stalking that is connected to outing Gays. I do not support OUTING persons nor do I condone the blackmail, extortion, and blackmail that are externalities.

This attack is a live human experiment to test if Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers as IBM's Watson will sanitize crimes against humanity. To date the censorship encompasses 7 billion persons worldwide.

The major joke here along the Colorado River is that even if the homeless persons here testify both Watson will lose and George W. Bush and Barack Obama will go to prison or worse.

To date LGBTi History is also wrecked as the Gay Militia is the driver and recruit stalkers in their gender orientation first then heterosexuals second.

The provocations here by the so-called Gay Militia reflect as scripted Gay Irrationalist – Gay Know Nothing ideology that these police officers are so blackmailed and extorted into that they are maliciously escalating behaviors to incriminate Obama or perhaps Romney if he should win the presidency.

The LGBTi community here are also fools errand for fighting for me and the rule of law as cowards. They have no legal standing to claim self defense when they are attacking citizens as TRAITORS.

You should fulfill your office as Senator and INTERVENE.

Thank you for consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ – Blythe CA

April 13, 2012


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Open Letter–Mary Bono R-45th CA


Dear Congresswoman Bono,

The Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that is in continuo and unrecognized in the United States and the 45th Congressional District of California has exposed several salient features over it's trajectory. The human race and biological life are being systematically and marginally attacked by extorting and blackmailing federal, state, and local sworn officials.

This usurpation is alleged to be authored by Cambridge Law School who is has orchestrated cell(s) of MSM or Male Same Sex Males in a Gay Militia in LAPD. Since I have been an exclusive heterosexual male all my life, I too was born in 1961, this rogue element has alienated my Bill of Right protections based on an LGBTi criteria of which I would have none.

LAPD officers in the Gay Militia are heavily blackmailed and delivering extortion due to homosexual and other racketeering conduct. Sheriff Babeau in Arizona was recently outed as Gay in his Congressional run just east of the 45th District.

These officers in LAPD are more ashamed of their same sex orientation and because will resort to violence as stalking my person. As seen I am easily the most stalked person in United States history. There is a major self defense case ongoing in Florida. I am confronting about 90 percent of the population of the town of Blythe.

I have the legal right under the First Amendment to think freely and move about. The Eight Amendment protects me from cruel and unusual treatment. The 14th Amendment guarantees me due process and equal protection.

As stated LAPD is operating outside of procedure and are criminal movers sine qua non as the proximate cause in the United States and the 45th District. Hence they can not order or give any quid pro quo as payment to attack or harass one.

These acts amount to treason of which the informant is to be punished by Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth. Also prima facie there are 7 billion persons on earth and they for all practical purposes could be seen as informant traitors. If nothing else if there are 200 nation-states and their leadership is de facto and censoring and sanitizing an atrocity their countries could be subject to future clandestine and overt attacks.

To state an issue on moral grounds a country as Iran has great reason to be concerned if Anglo-American concerns if the United States is willing to attack one heterosexual person with a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth to support LGBTi interests. This is poor as the so-called LGBTi Right to Marry groups have made noticeable gains through civil means.

The authorship has designed Gay Irrationalist – Gay Know Nothing based on scapegoating the bottom ten percent of the LGBTi population. Notice I have stated I have to confront 90 percent population.

To focalize you Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Abel Maldonado have the strongest possibility of being legally prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity.

The Colorado River is Chemically Contaminated and the Salton Sea has been also. I spend the winter alternately location.

It appears that the entrapment coincides with what is known as Technological Singularity and superintelligence. If computers as IBM's Watson are to be programmed with Artificial Intelligence then such will have to recognize the Crimes Against Humanity in continuo from the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan – Obama.

Homeless persons and local residents and the Country of Mexico depend on the Colorado River for water and food. If they testify ever in history you and Barack Obama will be convicted.

Since I am a ritvik Hare Krishna with a reasonably strong practice, I do not drink alcohol, do no illegal drugs, do not gamble and support heterosexuality or opposite sex marriage, I am reasonable fit. I maintain a BMI of less than 25 and never weigh more than 155lbs. I should be a vegetarian but all the food is attacked and at time, similar to a Christian I have to eat whatever food is in front of me.

Of interest is that the attack on surface water is named Radhanatha. Radhanatha swami is a real person an ISKCON diksa guru. Hridayananda dasa goswami is also an ISKCON diksa guru who supports Gay Monogamy. ISKCON does not support Gay Monogamy or Same Sex Marriage.

As stated I am a ritvik practioner and am not hostile. I have will fax or email these persons as necessary because of the defamation and legal and historical implications that are likely to occur.

You should expose this atrocious act as there are nearly 1 million person exposed directly here, all 38 million in California, with a total of 313 million victims in the United States alone.

Thank you for consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA – Ehrenberg AZ

April 4, 2012