Friday, March 23, 2012

Open Letter to CA AG Kamala Harris


Dear Attorney General Kamala Harris

You have been California's chief prosecutor for over one year. You are cognizant of the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program in continuo in this state. This activity is imposed over my natural person by a Gay Militia. This is not to be disputed.

I am a lifelong heterosexual male who has never engaged in Male Same Sex Male MSM activity.

As such this Gay Militia which is allegedly run out of LAPD makes these activities accountable to you.

As seen I am the Most Stalked Person in United States History.

I am in Blythe California. The Colorado River is chemically despoiled as is the air. Tangible products as food and clothing in stores for sale are contaminated. Water running out of faucets is also ruined.

This Gay Militia is recruiting persons from the LGBTi community with quid pro quos but not exclusive to heterosexuals. If one were to touch a bale of hay from a field or walk into such a field it too is ruined.

When official recognition does occur, it quite likely during Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Mary Bono Mack R-45 (this is her congressional district) or before 2040. I was born one day before Obama on August 3, 1961.

As seen title can not pass on a crime. It is also unlikely that these Gang Stalking individuals will have standing to press charges against a citizen. If the Native Americans step forward to seek compensation for their fields these stalkers, you and the officials cited supra are liable as both natural persons and public officials.

This activity is open live human experimentation.

I have not drank water since 2007 unless it was from snow or from a vial to mix my medication.

I do not believe that these criminals will gain standing as the South and Confederacy did in the 1800s.

This anti-intellectual movement of Gay Irrationalism – Gay Nothing is earning it's pre-designed label as it follows a script prepared for crimes against humanity.

How is a super computer as IBM's Watson going to teach this atrocious act that shocks the conscience.

Treason, obstruction, and intimidating a witness are likely charges.

Since you have a deep relationship with the LGBTi community how do you explain a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that is designed to implicate the Cambridge University (proximate cause) United Kingdom, United States, Los Angeles Police Department and LGBTi persons?

Since LGBTi history is being mandated in California it too is a fraud.

Since I a ritvik Hare Krishna this escalates the event as Hate Crime.

I am advocating those HIV/AIDS persons which are about 1.3 million in the USA. Someone who believes they are terminal should start taking on these criminals and expose them.

This is something the Irrationalist Presidents – Reagan – Obama do not have the will or courage to undertake.

Your credibility is at stake as the provocations by these stalkers only incriminates the State of California and the United States federal government.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

March 23, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Open Letter to CA Lt. Gov. Newsom

Dear Lt. Governor Newsom

Since being sworn into office after winning the 2010 election you have failed in your legal duties to protect Californians and other natural persons in the state.

There is an in continuo manifest Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth ongoing in this state currently centered over my person in the Blythe CA – Ehrenberg AZ area along the Colorado River.

This attack against human life and the environment is designed to as a catalyst for LGBTi persons to decline or be first principals and accomplices as the criminal acts radiate away from a Gay Militia in LAPD. I am a lifelong heterosexual male who is being attacked because of my identity and sexual preferences.

As such the United States and president, California and governor, and LAPD will be a the driver in this crime as events are radiated through mutual aid violations throughout the United States and beyound the national boundaries.

As seen the water in the Colorado River is despoiled and runs into Mexico. The air is contaminated by those accomplices driving in the vicinity with chemicals in their gas tanks, products are contaminated at factories and shipped to stories of which I have no choice to purchase from.

Gang Stalking has elevated this attack by those laying in wait and slamming car doors as other pass by. Hence they sacrifice their citizenship to be criminals.

This element is antisocial, sociopathic, and psychopathic depending on the number of victims these informants attack

There should be no cruel or unusual treatment in California in conformity with the 8th Amendment.

I argue this activity in toto as treason, obstruction of justice, and intimidating a witness.

The strategic mission of this Gay Militia is Same Sex Marriage of which you are leader of considerable stature.

This is attack is a Cultural Singularity. The censorship and sanitization of this attack is UNPRECEDENTED IN HUMAN HISTORY.

President Barack Obama is the target of a convergent of Technological Singularity which is scheduled to occur in 2046 and the bursting of the censorship and sanitization which is part of the fiction of the United States since 1987.

As as scene since you were born on October 10, 1967, you are also a very actor of interest.

The concrete reality in California as a Scorched Earth contradicts your starwman position on environmentalism. If one were to walk into a wheat field in Blythe or Inyo County the wheat would burn their hands.

At the intellectual level the University of California is committing wholesale academic fraud by condoning this hatred while you are Lt. Governor.

You are legally obligated to terminate and help prosecute all criminal actors in California.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe California

March 19, 2012


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Elasticity of Historical Bubbles


After nearly 25 years of manifest Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth the American President Barack Obama is faced with the question of domestic structural support for these Crimes Against Humanity and foreign codonement for American defense and financial aid.

The Republican candidates for the 2012 Presidential Election, with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum appear to be willing to play a collusive role.

I have direct experience here in Blythe CA which is R -45 Mary Bono Mack's congressional district. Persons here are open informants in an entrapment that descends from treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness to the entire penal code.

In the main the organization in toto is being organized under a Gay Militia format which is really driven by misogynist MSM or Men Same Sex Male officers who recruit bisexual females to front their attempts to Gay Bait. To the east in Arizona Sheriff Babeau and congressional candidate was recently outed as Gay Person. He has had little apparent trouble on this front other than a million dollar suit by his former boyfriend who claimed he threatened to deport him.

Here Obama should be held accountable for permitting utter chaos and lack of rule of law to destroy the Colorado River and huge areas of California.

It is clearly apparent that a hypothetical criminal prosecution of him by 2040 which would place him at 79 years of age is driving the support for him as elites attempt to die outside of Official recognition.

This act coincides a bottom 10 percent Joe Virus culture in convergence with Technological Singularity

Here this culture and population may find itself alienated from gainful work by automation due to antisocial tendencies.

I find it morally and spiritually reprehensible to back down to the stalkers who are skilled at work place and street corner activities.

Also in continuation the emergence of new class structure emerges as higher elites attempt to insulate themselves from prosecution and the workers are forced on to the state rolls. This criminal activity confirms the creation of a New Fascism.

When elites begin to apologize for these activities or blatantly sanitize acts of this nature such forms fascism. Davis Guggenheim is taking this approach as he explains his work The Road Traveled a campaign film commissioned by Obama himself.

Since this activity has not been recognized by any faith, human rights, or political regime as the United Nations or other nation-state the implications for multilateralism gains a new dimension as to sponsorship of supporting or displacing political actors at every level.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Open Letter Gov. Jan Brewer AZ


Brewer and Obama

Dear Governor Brewer,

The conditions of Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth ongoing in the United States since June 17, 1987 have taken an extreme toll on Arizona. Life, limb, and property are at stake. Arizona's geographic location make it extraordinarily vulnerable to homeland security risks. The presidents from Reagan to Obama have condoned and denied the existence of the corpus delicti.

As seen the Colorado River is running despoiled into Mexico from Ehrenberg AZ.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats take issue with this crime seriously. During the week of the Arizona Republican Primary Debate two Marine helicopters collided in the California desert which were based from Yuma.

The conditions of stalking and harassment combined with quid pro quos should disturb you into recognizing what is occurring and breaking free from this culture of corruption and incompetence.

President Obama is only 50 years of age. I do not believe that he can historically and legally out run the abuses of which he calls Gaming The System.

Arizona citizens are not making a heroic stand in the least.

Treason, being an informant, and criminal for hire add up to a purge of natural persons and property.

This event is LIVE HUMAN EUGENIC EXPIREMENTATION. Hence it is Technological Singularity versus humans. There is a Cultural Singularity on going with 7 billion persons being censored.

I have no intention to backing down to you, Obama, or the next president.

It appears that the proximate cause or Origin of the crime wish to see how far I can endure.

I do not believe that the University of Arizona nor the sworn officials from this state can withstand a challenge to their legal credibility.

As you and Obama hesitate to act the damage and liabilities escalate.

Thank you for your consideration,

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA – Ehrenberg AZ