Friday, October 14, 2011

Open Letter to Sen. Bono-Mack

The Totality of Circumstances

Dear Senator Bono-Mack,

bono.m.2011 Sen. Bono - Mack

Here along the Colorado River in Blythe, the continued Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth has once again contaminated the river, air, and tangible goods in stores. This region has the highest unemployment in the nation at over 20 percent.

RS_Obama Obama and Radhanatha swami June 13, 2011

(The attack has been code-named Radhanatha, who is a real ISKCON (Hare Krishna) guru. Radhanatha has had his photo taken with Barack Obama at fundraiser in Miami FL this June 13, 2011).

It is conclusive that this attack has been orchestrated by LGBTi interests. In particularly is that of MSM or Male Same Sex Male persons the allegation being that the proximate cause or origin is Cambridge Law School in the United Kingdom.

This element is operating from an Inferiority Complex within homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered males. In particularity are  Gay- Bisexual officers within LAPD who are running the attack through mutual aid violations with other police agencies nationwide.

To argue from the positive to the negative one should work from the males to females.

This is a blackmail and extortion network.

I have always been a heterosexual male, I am 50 years old, one day older than Barack Obama born August 3, 1961. An important feature is to create a fictious history of personal as a LGBTi victim which is false.

david dunsmuir 10-11 David Nollmeyer

LAPD officers make conclusionary statements, hence they give the answer without support in their allegations. If they argue in reference to myself a male, “You do not support gays”, this refers to only females and the reason is that you are homosexual.

In plain language gay may refer to either same sex females or males. Attacking the newly formed acronym LGBTi or Lesbian – Gay – Bisexual – Transgendered has occurred through the de facto activities of the officers who are also leading the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

There have been 1.3 million persons infected with HIV/AIDS and there are 3 million persons infected with Hepatitis C.

I do not see how sanitizing a brutal attack on the human race and the United States is going to promote the LGBTi Movement. Since it is mandated at the state level that LGBTi History be taught in California the entire subject area is a FRAUD.

The entire Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth has been paired with Proposition 8, Don't Ask – Don't Tell and various other interests for LGBTi persons. These LAPD officers are attacking their so-called group interest while displacing blame on others.

A person has the right to an adversial process concerning the Totality of Circumstances in the United States. Since your district contains or is near the Salton Sea and Colorado River these are two horrific structures in the history of Chemical Warfare that have been despoiled repeatedly.

There is widespread stalking with quid pro quos nationwide and here in this district. I would like to know why you have not stepped forward and confronted this criminal activity that you are aware of.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

October 14, 2011