Friday, June 29, 2007

Kazakh Authorities Demolish Homes

By BB Govinda Swami

Karasai District Authorities Destroy Another 12 Houses in Hare Krishna Community
On the morning of June 15, 2007, authorities of the Karasai District demolished another 12 houses of the followers of the Society for Krishna Consciousness.

The court executors were accompanied by one bus of policemen and one bus of laborers, an ambulance, the fire-squad, and two earth excavators. The group arrived at the community at 7 AM. The police blocked all entrances to the community.

The timing of this “operation” was chosen to exclude the presence of reporters and persons from international and human rights organizations. However, Ninel Fokina, Director of the Almaty Helsinki Committee was informed and issued an emergency appeal to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan to OSCE and to the Kazakh Foreign Minister M. Tazhin. The attempt to find out who was in charge of the operation and to see any documents were unsuccessful. However two leaders of the demolition squad were identified as the senior court executor of the Karasai district, A. Baichapanov, and executor S. Baimukhanov.

Several minutes after the beginning of the operation the Hakim of Zhetysu village, B.S. Akhmettayev, appeared on the spot. Immaculately dressed in a business suit, with a sledgehammer in hands, he was resolutely walked toward the demolition site. However, when he noticed that he was being photographed, the Hakim immediately threw his sledgehammer to the bushes.

The Hakim, Akhmettayev, categorically refused to speak with the reporters and introduced himself as a worker.

The demolition of the homes began simultaneously in different areas of the summer colony. While the earth excavators were demolishing houses in one part of the village, workers destroyed the houses with sledgehammers and crowbars in another part. The earth excavators completed the work by leveling the houses with the ground.

The owners of some homes were absent as they had not been informed of the demolition. Their belongings were left lying on the street.

The demolition was performed with lightning speed. By 10 AM everything was finished. 12 houses of the faithful were completely destroyed.

All of the hearings regarding these cases were conducted without informing the owners of the court sessions. Thus, none of the owners had the chance to defend their case. After the first instance was lost, the court executives did not present the rulings to the members until after the period to appeal had expired. Thus the process of appeal to the second instance court could not be followed.

The members of Society for Krishna Consciousness are gravely concerned that their temple will be destroyed next.

On June 5, 2007, the Society received orders from the Karasai District Hakim B. Kutpanov to demolish all buildings at the farm, including the temple.

Kutpanov stated that if the faithful did not destroy their houses in 10 days that it would be done by force. The term expired on June 15 and thus the thus the faithful are fearful the farm buildings, including the temple, would also be demolished.

The temple remains under the threat of destruction. The temple, the cowshed and other buildings on the territory of the community may be destroyed at any moment.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


By Braja Sevaki Devi

The Karasai district Hakimat demands that the Krishna temple and other buildings in the Hare Krishna community be demolished in 10 days.

In the morning of June 6 the local police officer handed a notification to the chairman of the Society for Krishna Consciousness. The document said that the land of the farm community of the Society for Krishna Consciousness had been transferred to the district land reserve according to court rulings. Based on that, the Karasai district Hakimat demanded that all the “illegally constructed buildings” situated on this land including the temple of the Society for Krishna Consciousness and the cowshed be demolished in 10 days.

This Karasai district Hakim’s order is itself illegal because - the Hakim does not have the right to demand demolition of buildings;- the court rulings only say about confiscating plots of land, there is no mention of demolishing buildings on the farm community’s land;- the Hakim calls the buildings situated on the community’s land “illegally constructed.” However both the building currently used as a temple and the cowshed had existed even before the land was acquired by the Hare Krishnas.
The Hare Krishnas are going to appeal against the lawless actions of the Karasai district Hakimat to the prosecutor’s office and the Almaty provincial Hakimat.
At the present time officials in Astana and Almaty province make declarations that the conflict around the Hare Krishnas will be resolved by giving the community an alternative piece of land. However no piece of land has been given so far. Until it happens the Krishna temple with 50 faithful and 30 cows just have no place to go. Besides, the temple building is the place where the Society for Krishna Consciousness is legally registered, and its demolition will lead to the liquidation of the Society.

The chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee, E. Tugzhanov, promised to the representatives of the Society during their last meeting that the community would get a plot of land before May 26. It is quite possible that Astana makes show that the Krishna’s problem is being carefully attended to, while in reality nobody is going to do anything with it. The actions of the local Hakimat confirm this assumption.

The conflict around the Krishna community has been going on since 2004. The RK President’s Administration has defined this situation as a result of bad governance on the part of the local authorities. As a result of this conflict 14 houses of the faithful were demolished in the community in November of 2006.

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Visit to see the tragedy of the Krishna community in Kazakhstan.
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