Thursday, August 07, 2014

Obama Will Be Prosecuted...

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm
War Crimes and Territoriality


Westwood CA  Dateline 8-6-2014

The development of MOEC Studies as an Approach has reached it's critical mass. Such is also directly convergent with MOEC orchestrations and defection patterns.

I will clearly state that if Barack Obama and my person both live to 2014 we will be 80 years of age that Obama will face prosecution as a War Criminal while alive. The estates and legacies of the remaining Irrationalist Presidents Reagan - GW Bush will also be criminally and civilly litigated.

I am going to argue that MOEC Studies will be taught as free standing domain in Cambridge University, Oxford, University of California, and the Ivy League specifically Harvard. Stanford and MIT are inclusive.

The Gay Militia operating the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth are an existential and catastrophic even in World and LGBTi History.

The failure of a Robust Homeland Security and academic system will result in discredit to many figures.

Superintelligence will not occur with the present de facto culture of censorship and sanitization.

The figure of Joseph Stalin and the USSR circa 1900 onwards is the modern model for totalitarianism. The emergence of the Oprichiniki and the KGB are also highly figured as alter egos to the United States and it's president. Inclusive in this Undermining are the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and the Bill of Rights.

Human organization involves a vertical organization of hierarchies. What is the origination of such and whether this is good or bad has been the source of many of the world's most catastrophic problems. MOEC is certainly unique as one of human civilization's worst premeditated blunders.

The Paradigm of Laws is the point of departure for a system of vertical organization:

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

Systems Theory is unique in that it's method provides for a very reasonable framework for a mechanistic view of physical and life sciences. Here if one were to apply social systems science to theistic systems one has to be aware that Systems has been derived from physics. Hence a non material system may not be adequately described by some Systems terms.

Would You Know How to Create a Government?

The Individual - Social System - Renaissance - Decadence




Culture and Society

Social Systems Theory - Teaching and Promotion

MOEC Studies has clearly defined Cambridge Law School actors or the Membership as the point of Origination of the Rise and Fall of the British Empire. In this instance they are also figured as the Authorship of MOEC.

In macropolarization, the use of Prisoner's Dilemma has clearly defined an algorithm within a clear set. In this issue these individuals become fixated and fatalistically dependent on defection to achieve their or systems goals which may be in formal organizations.

In this manner prescribed laws, rules, protocols, and methodologies are disregarded for what is The Yellow Brick Road.

The algorithm in the United States is Cambridge - LAPD - Delaware State Police - local jurisdictional police agencies and the individual. As seen individuals are basic units of of social organization.

Hence, at this time Lassen, Plumas, Siskiyou, Inyo, Riverside and possibly San Luis Obispo Counties appear local jurisdictions that will be lightning rod scapegoats due to The Yellow Brick Road.

MOEC Studies is a preparation for a War Crimes Tribunal in the United States and possibly under the ICCPR for foreign actors. There is clear and distinct dichotomy here. I am attempting to identify Cambridge Law School as the proximate cause of MOEC and decapitate such not create and live along the Yellow Brick Road.

Hence treason, accomplice, accessory after the fact are depraved legacies of Electronic Surveilence Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.


Mobilization of Empire and Civilization