Saturday, October 04, 2014

Counter Culture: History and the Social Sciences



0918141240Irrigation in Big Pine


Big Pine CA
Dateline 10-4-2014

It is with total certainty that MOEC is an Irrationalist construct. Hence it is a counter culture. The axiom that Culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination can be confirmed here. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is clearly an artificial devise, disingenuous but effective none the less. It is clear that pairing this construct or any component from such will a reward will be successful in conditioning a person and collective repertoire.

This is extremely important as Ebola as HIV/AIDS has been linked to Bushmeat Practice. Persons who are still part of the reactionary Yellow Brick Road culture are at a juncture with MOEC Studies. Social Science can be heuristic and very high in substance rather than present a thorough framework. The Ethnographic Mapping of culture is wait short of the hard sciences.

The Irrationalist Nativistic individual who believes that following cues from the Anglo American Oprichniki will realize that one's person family pedigree, ingroup, and location are being entrapped. This is highly acute in the rural west of the United States that has been involved in stalking my person.

Those students and academics born after 1955 should be highly aware that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and UC President Napolitano are near certainties for war Crimes when this Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth becomes recognized.

All teachers of History and it's branches as Native American, LGBTi, California, and Law Enforcement should be aware that the creation of a an Ecological system with a Gay Militia as a microsystem as a concrete empirical structure that has entrapped persons in the United States and World will be impossible to refute.

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