Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joe Solmonese & Human Rights Campaign

solmonese.jJoe Solmonese

Within days the 24th Anniversary of a Manifest Chemical Assault will occur. This should highly concern a group that claims it is at the forefront of LGBTi Advocacy. Currently the CDC estimates that over 1 million persons living in the United States are HIV/AIDS positive.

I live in an environment here in the Owens Valley in the Eastern High Sierras where my air, food, and clothing have been Chemically Attacked.

This has been perpetrated and condoned by all human rights, LGBTi groups and sworn officials as Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush.

The event is alleged to be authored from the United Kingdom by past Cambridge Law School lawyers.

It is an attack on the human race using the United Kingdom, United States, California, and LGBTi persons as catalyst. I am alleging that these authors and the LAPD which is carrying this event out are Male Same Sex Male or MSM.

Hence I am Opposite Sex or Straight male. This Gang Militia refers to Gay as only being female. If your preference is opposite sex they will attempt Gay Bait you as Male Same Sex.

I am the most Stalked Person in the History of the World bar none. I am openly challenging sworn officials as Barack Obama and George W. Bush to their legal and historical credibility.

This also will include Human Rights Campaign and yourself.

You should recognize this attack. I am also presenting here that the killing of Mathew Sheppard was related to the attack on my person as I believe other attacks on LGBTi persons are state sponsored and condoned.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer
Big Pine CA
June 12, 2011