Tuesday, June 28, 2005

To Governor Perry - Texas

Dear Governor Perry - Texas

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am contacting you do to in-continuo Human Rights abuse. I am contacting you in regards to issues of homeland security that have a Texas History.

Many years ago at the end of the Reagan Presidency I protested outside a facility in Houston where President Reagan was having a fundraiser. One of the Hunt brothers landed in a helicopter behind and he and his wife said hello to me. I had hitchhiked in from Santa Monica CA.

I slept in the park near this facility. That night someone attempted to set me on fire while I was sleeping. I believe it was a homeless person I had seen earlier.

I then hitchhiked to Atlanta for the second Martin Luther King Junior parade. I obtained a place across the start line and Jesse Jackson waved to me along with Coretta Scott King and Family.

In short I am protesting in the strongest terms the de facto conditions of spraying the air, slamming doors by the informant drones of LAPD, and the use of perpetual electronic surveillance. These conditions were prevalent then and continue to be so in Del Norte CA. There was a strong quake here in the past few days with no damage.

I have researched the spraying and Heinrich Himmler began developing the gas chambers of the WWII death camps by hooking hoses to the exhaust pipes of trucks and leading the emissions to enclosed rooms where prisoners were lead to their death.

There is also a red herring issue to be dealt with. I am a lifelong heterosexual and the perpetrators are gay bisexual. What is unique is that there is a strain of gay fascism here.
I continue to be heterosexual.

The dominant strains of fascism are German, Italian, Japanese, and Black Nationalist. I do not want to appear reactionary; this is a very severe hate crime. The concepts of psychopathy also come into play here.

I have litigated other issues in Federal Court related as to why I was protesting the re-election President Reagan.

I still have two open law suits against Bernard Parks and William Lockyer.
(See links below).

Texas has a reasonable reputation.

In lieu of any overt activity I am asking you to endorse a 10% Factor targeting violent felons in federal and state legislation. Money is being poured down the drain addressing small time offenders. A unified policy is more likely to lead to equal treatment for severe offenders who in one state get prosecuted and walk free in a few years in others.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer



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Monday, June 20, 2005

Prostitution is Dehumanizing

I have been writing posts concerning defacto human rights abuse. In this connection is the use of criminal Deals by individuals and groups. I have and continue to be a litigant in at least three United States Federal court actions. They are against ex-chief of LAPD Bernard Parks and still Attorney General Lockyer of Cailfornia, and New Ramen Reti, a Hare Krishna Commune.

On or near December 20, 2004 two prostitutes took the room next to me at motel in Morro Bay in San Luis Obispo. I was attending Columbia College in Missouri by distant education. LAPD arranged to have these two who are not college students at any facility. The two are embedded against other female college students that I did know personally that never went to this motel. We are connected only by real college class activity. I refuse to lower myself to the level of prostitute you are gay, bisexual, or overweight.It appears that LAPD and their accomplices are.

These two persons are what I would categorize as anti-social personalities. One was extremely pretty the other average. The lawsuits are harassment suits. The Hare Krishna suits involve child molestation. My complaint is only harassment. One of the prostitutes, the one with brown hair, is beyond a doubt what one of the worse persons in this event. She is no more than a paid henchperson. By pay she is working to set up rooms and areas on the street to ply her trade. Her behaviors as slamming doors and harassing persons are going to earn her a bottom ten percent rating for prosecution. I do not know any females in San Luis Obispo who are worse. I have her at ten year statute of limitation under United States Federal RICO statutes.LAPD ingeniously had a friend enter her room. Allegedly they had oral sex. The Baltimore Studio, corrupt accomplices, have dubbed my voice over this other person. These prostitutes do not even know my name or me theirs. The Delaware State Police are also handed off this slander.

This police organization has just had their superintendent fired as Aaron Chaffinch. Mark Seifert is the new leader.I am writing this from Del Norte County in Northern California. This county especially students from Del Norte High School are corrupt accomplices for this nonsense. LAPD or at least the designers are ingenious in choosing illiterate persons who make good scapegoats or who would get treated lightly. I would contrast this with Inyo County who show some shame and disgrace against this anarchic stronghold. I will admit that the treatment is biased against Del Norte but they are the willing scapegoats.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Differential Treatment

Hello All

Faith and Human Rights are consistent. In the United States particularly the cultural conflict has polarized substantial issues concerning the minimal preservation and treatment of persons. There have been attempts by one side or the other to exclude the opposition so the topic of Human rights may be the exclusive domain of their paradigm. The attempt by secularists to stack academia in one perpective and evanglicals to so in the judiciary also reflects this dilemma. The privitisation of agendas here is also an issue as persons perish and or injured while persons squander rescources on personal agendas.

However there are bridges to this polarization. The topic of Sudan and opposition to sexual slavery are are areas where faith can easily lead in Human Rights.Faith and Philosophy usually contain core values that are universal and extend past local cultures or traditions. It is in the interest of civiliztion that differential treatment does not perservere based on arbitrary tastes.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Crescent City Calfornia

Dateline June 08, 2005

I am writing from College of the Redwoods in Crescent City, Del Norte California. I am becoming increasingly confident that the cultural members in the zeitgeist are static and fatalistic in the leadership and comprehension of what is occuring. The spraying of the air is faciltated by placing chemicals in common auto engine gas tanks and driving around. This activity has at least one origin from Heinrich Himmler who use a similar tactic to develop the gas chambers in WWII concentration camps.

As long as this event is occuring there is a profundity of illegal electronic surveillance. Two prominent other objects are used to help promulagate a system of torture. They are sexual identity and contraband. There is no excuse for the alienation of rights of the individual. In degree sexual orientation as homosexuality is used to perpetuate this event. The members of LAPD and Baltimore Studio are Homosexual or Bisexual. The LAPD are postulating that I will insulate a member of the Baltimore Studio whose name is Jim. This is absurd. The population here is a retreatest enclave and relying on bogus hearsay quality propaganda which will destroy what credibilty remains.

The use of medicinal marijuana was confirmed to be under United States Federal jurisdiction yesterday and such users are liable to be prosecuted in the federal courts. It is interesting to note that the Netherlands has chosen a progressive tact on these issues. As seen they do not recognize that this event is even occuring.

I am stating that I am confident in a latent sense in that I have the ability to and training to point out that these events are hostaging a victim, myself in a racketeering corrupt organization. There is an entire academic world that is not basing its rescources on real history or sound concepts. LAPD or no mover at all have any legitimacy to grant any impunity to grow or deal drugs. In Humboldt County south of this area a serious crime wave and syndrome of social disorder has taken place. Humboldt State is the closest research level institution exposed to this event.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Human Rights

I have not totally researched this position. I do know that this country has been one of the worst on human rights in the Western Hemisphere.


Learn More About this Issue

In 1990, the US Congress instituted a ban on military training (IMET) and military aid (FMF) to Guatemala following the murder of US innkeeper Michael Devine allegedly by members of the Guatemalan military. Since that time, Amnesty International has actively supported the ban, given the Guatemalan government’s lack of compliance with key military reform provisions elaborated in the landmark 1996 Peace Accords.

See AMR 34/014/2005 Memorandum to the Government of Guatemala: Amnesty International’s concerns regarding the current human rights situation, for a comprehensive overview of the current human rights situation in Guatemala.

President Óscar Berger from the party Gran Alianza Nacional (GANA), National Alliance, was inaugurated on January 14, 2004. Initially he took various actions in favor of human rights: for example, six weeks after his inauguration he symbolically relaunched the 1996 Peace Accords, committing himself to their implementation and appointed several prominent members of the human rights defenders community to government (human rights related) posts. After one year, however, little in the way of concrete progress has been made on key issues, including military reform, tackling impunity and strengthening the rule of law.

While the President did significantly reduce the army’s personnel by 33%, only 2,000 positions were permanently eliminated, leaving the door open for 10,000 currently vacant spots to be filled. Furthermore, the military continues to have a role in internal security through combined military/police patrols, which are explicitly prohibited by the Peace Accords. Army units have supported the police during evictions of rural communities and policing operations in which alleged excessive force has resulted in fatalities and injuries. On August 31, 2004 the Army provided support to the police eviction of protesting rural workers at the Nueva Linda Farm, in Retalhuleu, Southwest Guatemala, during which four police officers and eight rural workers died as a result of injuries (See AMR 34/020/2004). Then again, on March 15, 2005 the army and police violently cleared a public road of a social protest in the department of Huehuetenango, Northeast Guatemala; at least one person died and 10 were injured (See AMR 34/012/2005).

While the Government has reformed the military doctrine, neither the Constitution nor the governing laws of the army have been reformed to prohibit military involvement in internal security. In addition, the military continues to resist full cooperation with civilian authorities on human rights cases, restricting access to classified archives and witnesses.

Of further concern to Amnesty International is the clear lack of political will to investigate and prosecute past and present human rights violators, including current and former members of the military. This further weakens the rule of law and the administration of justice, allows for known human rights violators to maintain positions of power within the military and government structures, and encourages continuing abuses. Guatemalan human rights defenders continue to experience a growing number of human rights violations committed by clandestine groups with alleged connections to the state apparatus. (See AMR 34/007/2005)

For these reasons, AI supports the continued ban on regular IMET and FMF to Guatemala.