Monday, July 21, 2008

Radovan Karadzic Arrested in Serbia

In a major contrast to posturing Serbia strongman Radovan Karadzic has been captured. If this is true and he is placed on trial this could be a major breakthrough in Universal Law. Since his 1998 indict he has created a mythology in his abilty to refute pressure to bring him to trial.

BELGRADE - Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, a war crimes fugitive and one of the world's most wanted men, was arrested on Monday evening in a sweep by Serbian security forces, the country's president said.

Karadzic has been indicted by the U.N. war crimes tribunal for former Yugoslavia for genocide during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. He has been hiding since 1998.

President Boris Tadic's office said in a statement that Karadzic was arrested "in an action by the Serbian security services."

Karadzic, who was the leader of ethnic Serbs during the war that erupted with Bosnia's secession from Yugoslavia, is accused of masterminding massacres that the U.N. war crimes tribunal described as "scenes from hell, written on the darkest pages of human history."
He had topped the tribunal's most-wanted list for more than a decade and was said to have resorted to elaborate disguises to elude authorities.

Karadzic's reported hide-outs included Serbian Orthodox monasteries and refurbished mountain caves in remote eastern Bosnia. Some newspaper reports said he had at times disguised himself as a priest by shaving off his trademark silver mane and donning a brown cassock.

As leader of Bosnia's Serbs, Karadzic hobnobbed with international negotiators and his interviews were top news items during the 3 1/2-year Bosnian war, set off when a government dominated by Slavic Muslims and Croats declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1992.
But his life changed by the time the war ended in late 1995 with an estimated 250,000 people dead and another 1.8 million driven from their homes. He was indicted twice by the U.N. tribunal on genocide charges stemming from his alleged crimes against Bosnia's Muslims and Croats.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reality versus Obama and McCain

Dateline 7-15-2008
Westwood CA

Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have the courage to identify REAL Homeland Security issues. The strawman presentation between the two main rivals oscillates between Iraq and Afghanistan neglecting the needs to address the greater escalating threat present at the end of the Bush term.

California is facing a record fire season with 288 burning fires down from over 1500 since June 21, 2008. The nearest fire to me personally is the Cub complex at over 15,000 acres and 85% containment.

The major lakes in the area as Lake Almanor and smaller tributaries are chemically contaminated. The fire fighting may involve contaminated water.

It is clear that President Bush and his last four predecessors can be blackmailed. They do not look capable of preventing nuclear blackmail and black-marketing of materials to rogue groups. This is one of McCain’s claims.

Obama wishes to withdraw from Iraq in sixteen months after a presidential victory. McCain position is longer term. Both candidates favor shifting the focus to Afghanistan. Obama wishes to shift the focus to the Taliban. McCain claims that he will capture Osama bin Laden.

The fact of reality demonstrates that both are strawmen ritualists who place personal and party interests over the true priority of health and justice here in the United States for a problem that was the real beginning of the War on Terror.

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