Friday, February 21, 2014

Open Letter: Gavin Newsom

Open Letter: Gavin Newsom



Dear Lt. Gavin Newsom,

The United States has been undergoing an in continuo Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987.

It has been over five years since President Barack Obama took his worn oath as Commander in Chief of the United States. President Obama knew beforehand that he was inheriting a trajectory of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. The Salton Sea was despoiled on the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections and the 2009 and 2013 Inauguration Days.

The attack named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is imposed over my natural person and citizenship. It is alleged to have a Proximate Cause of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. Los Angles Police Department are argued to contain a Gay Militia whom have implemented these acts.

As seen a material implication of MOEC is that those individuals whom are HIV/AIDS positive are also being subjected to these environmental attacks.

You have been a sworn official since 1997.

49th Lieutenant Governor of California - Incumbent

Assumed office

January 10, 2011

42nd Mayor of San Francisco - In office

January 3, 2004 – January 10, 2011

Member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from the 2nd district - In office

January 1997 – January 2004

It is also prima facie that you have been aware of MOEC.

I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico one day prior to Barack Obama's birth on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I am arguing you will be 47 this October 10, 2014.

Technological Singularity and Superintelligence are being developed to sanitize the Anglo American Paradigm's Crimes Against Humanity.

There have been five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan - Obama.

MOEC was targeted at Ronald Reagan for his LGBTi positions. However, the scripting of MOEC reflects a duel between Trinity Theologians and Cambridge Lawyers. The LGBTi Lawyers prevailed by cheating and they are worse.

The attack against Reagan was a definitive pincer movement. This is clear now some 27 years later.

There is a Legal Dragnet ongoing. Obama is the Singularity Target and I am the Singularity Experiment. One should consult research models to analyze this Impure Synchronicity framework.

The HIV/AIDS victims nearly guarantee the Inevitability of Official Recognition.

My Official Position is that Cambridge has authored HIV/AIDS hits through Bushmeat Practices towards quid pro quos a majority in San Francisco.

My information states that these actors may be responsible for 1 million casualties worldwide. They author the expansion and contraction of the British Empire.

As seen you be 77 in 2047 one year after Technological Singularity is scheduled to occur.

The MOEC Brand of defection clearly does not create wealth and store such in a value.

There are tremendous criminal and civil liabilities for which the United States and California will be liable for.

As the 42nd Lt. Governor of California the charges against you and Attorney General Kamala Harris appear devastating.

The University of California is also a major target in Undermining the Human Race through MOEC. Ex Homeland Secretary now President Janet Napolitano will damage UC California.

I was attacked and alienated because I am a heterosexual male. This is a sexual qualification for rights. Illinois has ruled that Gay Marriage can begin tomorrow February 22, 2014.

I have responded to the challenge and have civilly organized MOEC Studies into an Approach. This is the work of specialist who are sworn officers and experts as yourself and UC California.

The culture of de facto and incompetent sworn officials has damaged all life in this state as well as the institution of Democracy.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Salton Sea California

February 21, 2014



Mobilization of Empire and Civilization