Sunday, November 28, 2010

Open Letter to Lt. Gov. Maldonado

amaldo Abel Maldonado


Salton Sea

I am writing you for the first time as Lieutenant Governor. I have lived in San Luis Obispo County when you were my state representative. You have assumed this post in April 2010. At this time the Colorado River was being cleared of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth and Inyo and Lassen Counties were undergoing this process.

Make no doubt about this. I AM BEING ATTACKED BEC AUSE A HETEROSEXUAL MALE. This is being facilitated by a Gay Militia promoting Gay Culture. These two labels are the choice of these LAPD police officers. They are using their subjective perspectives as synonymous with a more universal LGBTi culture to create ad hominem.

I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna. This is usually a more conservative individual who considers Srila Prabhupada to still be the current guru although he has been deceased since November of 1977. The Gay Militia will usually side with diksa alignment or the current living gurus or teachers. They also aid ritvik devotees in attacking the diska side with ad hominem due to child molestation and pedophillia perpetrated by the former diksa gurus and other teachers of the Krishna children.

There are four regulative principles in the Vedic Faith:
1. No meat eating
2. No illicit sex - same sex is prohibited
3. No drug use, marijuana, or alcohol
4. No gambling

Currently I am in Desert Shores Along the Salton Sea. It is totally Chemically Despoiled. When I walk past some of the auto accidents here I can not fathom as to what these persons could be thinking as they drive by this destroyed inland sea. What is also disturbing is the use of profiling called Interloper. This consists of the use of female names of natural persons that I know to portray advances to homosexual or same sex men. If I mention Diane. This is being maliciously construed as an overture to a male. This represents a form misogyny and inferiority. I have a BMI of less 23 which is normal over 30 being obese. It appears these officers have BMI’s of over 35. They remain obese to gain impunity from prosecution.

Also I ma being paired with so-called legitimate members of the Right to Marriage movement:

Evan Wolfson - Marriage Equality
Rick Jacobs - Courage Campaign
Kevin Cathcart - LAMBA

How did these officers, these no sworn leaders, yourself and I am emerge through history and arrive to a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth against the human race. This is EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS. A distraction also Is the glorification of their subjective Gay lifestyle. This consists of going to nightclubs, drinking, and eating meat. I do not engage in any of these activities by choice. I still remain active in the sanga or congregation of my faith by through internet.

This is a very serious attack. You are 43 years of age. Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsome have won offices and are also younger than 50. I am 49 years old, one day older than Barack Obama born August 3, 1961.

I believe that entire world deserves a rational legal judgment over a very serious human right in fraction prosecutable by state and federal laws.

The Right to Marry and abolishment of Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell are prominent in the historical panorama. I seek legal justice and compensation not only for myself but for others.

You are the youngest sworn official of high office I am aware of that has extensive historical presence as a sworn official.

I will be vigilant in attempting to pressure leadership for justice until I die.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open Letter – Sen. Boxer D – CA


Dear Senator Boxer,

Currently I am residing Along the Salton Sea in Desert Shores. You have stated that you have purchased a home in the La Quinta area. In late October when I traveled here, I had to walk the last ten miles into Desert Shores because the local transit will not run into Imperial County.

Since February 12, 2007, the in continuo Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth that has been imposed over my person has been escalated to surface water and tap water also including irrigation. The date farms immediately surrounding La Quinta are despoiled. Usually I glean a a handful of dates as I pass by. The ones on the trees are fresh and table and restaurant quality, some of the best in the world. If you eat these dates they would BURN YOUR MOUTH. There is a modest fish kill in the Salton Sea. No Tilapia should be purchased from this region.

In the panorama Proposition 8 and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell have been overturned. The former may be construed as The Right to Marry. Have you or any the LGBTi Right to Marry groups, Marriage Equality (Evan Wolfson) or Courage Campaign (Rick Jacobs) ever deliberated how I am supposed to get married when the United States government is condoning the wholesale stalking of my person through LAPD? This unit has members that are calling themselves a Gay Militia.

They have challenged me to three items along the Yellow Brick Road (Defection Model). I do not follow the script. But here I will take up the challenge made against this Gay Militia in particularity a shift supervisor named Dodo.

Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell

Prepare a criminal case and turn such over to the DA
Prepare a University level history class. (University of California)
Storyboard a movie concerning Arnold Schwarzenegger through July 2010 to January 2011.

Correctly doing such would place an individual in the top 10 percentile worldwide in opposition to this systematic act of tyranny. What has occurred is that this would yield a male in meeting the most desirable bisexual females. (I am 49 years old, train 7 days a week (BMI of -23), have a GPA of 3.33 transferable to the University of California with 149.5 credits so I could do this anyway.)

As seen I have been alienated from my rights because I am a heterosexual. I would have had to marry a bisexual and/have children to retain legal person before the court.

The manifest function remains that the Salton Sea is despoiled and so are the date farms around La Quinta where you purchased a $1 million dollar USD home. Unemployment along the Salton Sea and Imperial County is 20% and above.

In chagrin I am in a very serious sibling rivalry with Mary Bono Mack R- 45th District and Barack Obama. I am one day older than Obama and few months older than Bono-Mack. I am surprisingly fit. I am running about 50 miles a week with no water to drink and very little food.

Since I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna there are also very serious infractions against my Freedom to Practice Religion. This too is a LGBTi versus Heterosexual based crime. I am standing strong and confident as history begins the debate of same sex persons openly serving in the military. I am not totally against such.

It should be acknowledged that Same Sex Males have failed as police officers in LAPD. Chief Charlie Beck is the current leader in this failed organization.

In degree my the restoration of my rights would free the human race and the United States from this morass. Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor elect and Kamala Harris Attorney General elect (?) are both younger than I. They too are being escalated towards future legal reconciliation. The culture is informant based. This is a manifest purge for those that travail the deals alon the Yellow Brick Road. All you love will turn to gold.

Here your legacy is paired to my past, present, and future. I have no place to go. I would say if I could survive that there is a 70% chance of my retiring and spending at least 6 months per year Along the Salton Sea.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Open Letter to Rep. Filner


radhe's footprints

Dear Rep. Filner,

It is beyond time that sworn federal and state officials of this country address the systematic human rights abuses that currently have despoiled the Salton Sea. I will simply state that this Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is imposed over me. The 51st district is where the future will be played out if the status quo prevails.

It is a historical and legal fact that I have been alienated from my rights because I am a heterosexual. This hate crime is perpetuated by Homeland Security officers who are same sex hence bisexuals within the LGBTi paradigm believing they are enhancing the citizenship and prestige of LGBTi persons.

The past elections in California have promoted Gavin Newsome and Kamala Harris both in their 40s and younger than my person, I am 49 and these officials were elected into offices that will prepare them to be amongst the most likely persons to endure a Real Criminal Prosecution. Rep. Bono of the 45th District shares this distinction as does President Barack Obama.

If any natural or corporate persons wish to remedy any injuries to their collective, family or personal health or recover losses to tangible property or wealth they should be prepared to file criminal and civil complaints against sworn authorities as the president, governor, attorney generals, homeland security officers, and their informant agents.

It is clear that this live experiment on humans, a type of threshold training has left me almost incapacitated economically. I do possess use of my intellectual and physical capacities and my free will.

The victims are most likely to mount pressure to end the injustice that will shortchange the future posterities well being and prosperity.

The culture has lost it’s moral conscience, it’s  sense of what is right and wrong. It has sold off it’s will to the highest bidder. The concrete damage here along the Salton Sea and Coachella Valley is a very sad testimony to the corruption of power politics where the individual confronts a tyrannical government and majority.

I survive because I wish to see Radha-Krishna victorious legally and historically. The Gay Militia, their choice of label, erroneously wishes to believe their self centered survival has increased their or LGBTi person’s stature. A disturbing insight into their personality is that every time I mention a female per se Jane, LAPD attempts to argue that this is a homosexual male. This happens to all the natural females I happen to discuss. This is hatred as misogyny to females and also a means of false imprisonment and slander against myself.

It also gives an indication of the collective consciousness of our society.

The damage here is CONCRETE and REAL. Just in the past days several persons have died in a massive motorcycle accident just southeast of here in Ocotillo. These types of incidents receive attention while the priorities are swept aside due to corruption and collusion,

The future must realize that they must identify the criminals directly and seek justice and compensation from these actors.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores
November 14, 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010

The Condition of the Salton Sea…


Dear Rep. Mary Bono

Human beings are a natural species existing in an environment. As a consequence to objective science our culture has once again promoted you to represent the 45th District under the United States Constitution. Our nation’s Bill of Right’s gives our citizens the legal protection natural persons need and orders our sworn officials as your person by duty to uphold our rights.

What the historical trajectory provides for here is that humans will fight very strongly through various levels of conflict. For examination’s purposes it can deduced that the human species will continue to fight in highly contaminated environments even when distant conventional wisdom erroneously postulates that these parties may surrender.

The history of the United States and the 45th District supports events as Grozny and the Iraqi Wars where Scorched Earth - Seek and Destroy tactics have heavily damaged infrastructure as private property, hospitals, schools, roads, and communications. These structures are readily remodeled or rebuilt. As seen these conflicts portray an intensity that appears irrational to foreign perspective.

It can be deduced from the 45th District that the human spirit will drive parties to continue fighting through:

Nuclear Holocaust
Biological Warfare
Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth

I have endured since June 17, 1987 the 200th Anniversary of the Constitution through a severe escalation that left the Colorado River and Salton Sea chemically despoiled when I am near such as in the present instance.

This artistic tyranny is centered over my person in the main. The surrounding environment and citizens are fractals of this attack. It appears that LGBTi males Male Same Sex Male - MSM professors from Cambridge Law School - Oxbridge Complex authored such.

What is unique is that Trinity College, the Philosophy and Theology Department contained Neo-Platonist philosophers who were experts in the Tyranny of Greek City States. In reduction this is a 1984 styled variation of Dionysus I and II et al. Persons who study predicate calculus through texts as Copi’s Logic are familiar with informal fallacy and jurisprudence and will have some indirect knowledge of tactics as poison in the well and straw man argumentation.

This type of presentation is repetitive but is needed when the opponent is openly malicious and frivolous and redundancy is a choice tactic of  lesser intelligent provocateurs to surround a more talented opponent.

This summer and recent election highlights  the emergence of the Right to Marry and the LGBTi platform. The performance of LGBTi individuals in public service especially Homeland Security is focal.

The attack on rights also includes my right to marry, I am a strict heterosexual.
This also flanks and make obsolete a more narrow human rights presentation by groups as Courage Campaign who advocate for Same Sex Marriage under the Right to Marry banner.

To escalate the indignity imposed upon myself I have earned the status as the most stalked person in the world. Having the Salton Sea chemically contaminated is intimidating. Having INFORMANTS harass not only me but other persons for deals further degrades arguments as Gays in the military. There is no doubt to the FAILURE OF MSM officers IN LAPD. The Stalking Culture is heavily same sex beyond the 10-15 percent of the population that may exist in our society.

In the areas that I frequent there are three Japanese Internment Camps. Alturas and Lone Pine, California and near Parker, Arizona north of Blythe.

The volition or lack of Free Will to step forward and perform duties of one’s office is paramount. The population is clamoring for tyranny selling criminal skills as stalking for deals. As stated the spirit of life runs deep here in my spirit as a Hare Krishna. I have no
intention of backing down against the nihilist relative morality that the cells of Gay Militia (this is their choice of identity for the record) uses to irrationalize their performance. Overall humans are choosing to be informants. No president, congressperson, governor, or attorney general at any level has stepped forward to intervene.

No LGBTi person has stepped forward strongly either. Those persons who have been stalked who communicate in online forums have mentioned the tactics used but
their identities are cryptic at times against these informant based attackers.

This country and the 45th District was better of without the de facto corrupt activities of LAPD. Barack Obama your person, and myself are cohorts in longitudinal cross sectional experimentation.

Order first, then power to bind subsequent persons and objects to the order. Ad baculum, the arbitrary rule of force is now more than a Master Passion gone awry in a mob of appetites.

An  inspection of the sexual orientation MSM of these Gay Militia officers will provide that their antecedent preferences were predictive of their failure as code officers. It will be ascertained that my heterosexuality is predictive of me attempting to stay close to truth and my abstract rights to fight against a Tyranny of the Majority which includes you and Barack Obama.

I clearly see the despoliation of the Colorado River and Salton Sea as being a fatal error that was deliberately designed as part of this attack. Having the country of Mexico being involved in the Colorado River and New River renders extraordinary complexity as far as legal obligations are concerned and Huge Damages.

The contamination of the wine and date fields is significant. I gleaned a handful of what I would consider PREMIUM DATES from a field outside Indio. THEY WOULD BURN YOUR MOUTH.

The miscalculation and escalation from the LGBTi authorship and a censorship that is nearly 6.8 billion persons and counting boxes this attack in on the human race as a Crime Against Humanity.

As stated Mexico is definitively being effected. I have traveled to Mexico and Puerto Rico. It is 100 percent that secondary and tertiary persons are having TAGETED CHEMICAL ASSAULTS aimed at their person and property.

Based on our ages in a linear format I would argue that individuals as sworn officials born in 1960 or later have a very strong chance of being criminally prosecuted for this attack here in the United States under federal law and UN treaties if foreign nationals and overseas venues are needed.

Representative Mary Bono, the 45th District is a showcase albeit, in the negative for the failure of the citizenry to respond to their duties and as well as sworn officers to recognize a chemical spill or non-normative event. You are the recipient of two high profile marriages one to the Bono family and other to the Mack family.

The negative latency to the environment itself will debilitate in some degree the natural species of humans. Species life is fulfilled through procreation. This is legally sanctioned in most cultures through marriage.

The sexually immaturity and irrationalization of the Gay Militia in LAPD has resulted in tremendous damage to humanity while you have represented this district.

You have to find the legal courage to confront this bellicose attackers and face the consequences.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Along the Salton Sea