Friday, June 19, 2009

Clear Creek Ca – Chemically Despoiled


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This morning after going to the post office and for food in Westwood CA I decided to walk to Hamilton Branch to attempt to get clean and wash clothes. Previously I would DRINK WATER from this creek. IT IS ICE COLD.

The water was amongst the most caustic I have ever touched in my life. Lake Almanor is about two or three miles away.

It is supposedly the third best fly fishing lake in the world.

I will call  PETA tomorrow. The fish are destroyed. I am running low on minutes and they only play The Game anyway.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

22nd Anniversary of Chemical Assault


Thomas Carper


Westwood CA

Picture 002 David Nollmeyer

June 17, 2009

Dear Senator Carper

Today is June 17, 2009. This makes today the 22nd Anniversary of the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth attack on the United States. This has historical significance as this occurred when I was in Dover, Delaware. Then the 200th Anniversary of this country begins the advent of convergent totalitarianism in untold manners. All of my primary rights as expounded in the Bill of Rights are null. I am essentially a stateless citizen in this country.

You are like President Reagan in this sense that your negligence to legally recognize and remedy this event has caused untold damage to life and property. I am in Westwood, California. All the near pristine lakes as Lake Almanor are ruined.

The entire concept of Homeland Security and deterrence are being redefined. I am concerned with the evolutionary biology of natural species as the human race.

This attack was lead by LGBti militants who fight for this group of persons regardless of sovereign boundaries. They do not care who gets hurt. They have betrayed their own cause as only a fool would publicly proclaim the Gay Triumphalism that they espouse.

I am still alleging that LAPD is running this event which was designed by Cambridge Law School. It is getting more interesting now that Queen Elizabeth II has honored Chief Bratton.

Regardless the legal restoration of the Bill Rights and due process in the courts is the correct solution. In the world zeitgeist is evident that the United States President can be blackmailed and extorted. This has clearly occurred under non-military grade chemical weapons. Is President Obama or yourself prepared to negotiate with Iran over nuclear or biological weapons? This country only has two major rivers and almost all the clear water lakes in the Eastern High Sierras are ruined.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Paradigm Shifts and the Discussion of Treason

Westwood CA
Dateline 6-6-2009

Happy D Day. This is symbolic date and the first 2009 prompt in personemm. Barack Obama is now president and it is clear that he is a strawman surrounded by sycophants as the previous four presidents. The discussion of treason take into account the reality principle. The lakes and surface water have been destroyed by Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. This event is not a theoretical paradigm but a concrete event. The mini-max thing to do is directly confront the competent authorities in this manifest function. President Barack Obama, Vice President Biden, Attorney General Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano in Washington are guilty. Here in California at both the state and federal level, Governor Schwarzenegger, Attorney General Brown, House Speaker Pelosi, Senators Feinstein and Boxer, and Congressperson Clapp all are under serious scrutiny.

There is a substantial amount of data in my journals to not only confront but defeat the academic and legal charlatans that have helped condone and cover up  a very serious crime against humanity prosecutable by both federal and international law.

I am writing as a exclusive heterosexual. This means I have never engaged in same sex from cradle to grave. I am also working under my Vedic Hare Krishna faith which espouses such for procreation. Proposition 8, a ban on Gay Marriage won here in Lassen County with over 70 percent.

The culture here for LGBTi and heterosexual concerns has been poor on a human rights level and the environmental damage is beyond description.

On the bus ride up here a passenger had a text by modernist philosopher Jacques Derrida , Writing and Difference. The damage to the Gay Left thinkers is huge. As an independent spiritual conservative, I am undergraduate with senior standing (145.5 credits - GPA 3.18), these journals could be taught by myself with a co-professor who had at least a MA. This is to filter the data by academic methodologies and create testing for a Phd course. This emergent material. There is a great deal of conspiratol material that could lead to an attempt to falsification or confounding. The teaching of the presidency and history is so corrupt it is a formation of a cult of a Perfect Dictator. If the LGBTi thinkers wish to respond this is an open challenge to the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth that I directly have challenged both historically and legally.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Barbara Boxer - Lets Discuss Treason

BoxerBarbara Boxer

Big Pine CA
Dateline 6-4-2009

Dear Senator Boxer

My writings and complaints to you and your associates in Congress fall on deaf ears and cold hearts. As seen this season you visited Palm Springs recently but did not mention the cruel and inhumane conditions I have endured there and now.

Lets Discuss Treason and Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

I have written Senator Feinstein In the last ten days. In review LAPD discusses her as a Queen's Gambit in this operation. There also has been mention of an earlier discussion in 1986 regarding individuals who record video messages accusing persons of their homicides before they occur.

Rodrigo Rosenberg of Guatemala has recently down this and I have posted his video on my blog:

I am in the same position that Rodrigo Rosenberg was in. I do not see myself living 10 more years.

Under prisoner's dilemma cooperation would be adhering to the United States Constitution. Defection would mean following the orders of LAPD who are de facto.

I am claiming that Cambridge University of the United Kingdom is the authorship. As seen I allege that LAPD is implementing the chemical assault.

LAPD is LGBTi and I am a cradle to grave heterosexual. LAPD has an irrational defense mechanism that is delusional. They operate on the premise that if they damaged the legal standing of Ronald Reagan than they will be heroes in LGBTi locations as San Francisco. I agree that this IS ACCURATE in part only.


I will simply state that I view your performance as a sworn official in California as illegal and punishable by law. You have substantial contributions to the Gay Community that you undertook with peril to your own career.

What has a Gay Militancy run out of Homeland Security done for you? You should ask this of Janet Napolitano and William Bratton.

They have destroyed your legacy and family history as they have destroyed my life and who knows how many more.

I, like any other competent general simply wish to open a file through the defection model. This gambit includes Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi.

I consider that the 100th Congress in continuo is no more than a Pontius Pilate Club, a group of corrupt politicians who have thrown human life, their constituents under their bus for a profit.

I believe that the history of the world, country, and nation have been altered.

I am the leader of the idea and practice of civilly opposing Gay Irrationality – Gay Know Nothing.

Gay Fascism emerges when persons as Sheila Kuehl, State Senator from Santa Monica attempt to pass legislation sanitizing Gay History. Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is about 20 miles south of here.

LAPD's Gay Militia is racist against Latinos, Blacks, Jews, and Asians.

The officers that directly corrupted your life have code names. This may also include a complex of more than one officer.

Periander – Is most likely dead. He operated in the staging until the earl 1980s.



Proposition 8 was upheld recently. I have supported such in the past and will continue to fight to overturn same-sex marriage in Maine, Iowa, and here again in California if that is the case.

What has gay law enforcement and culture produced? It has produced pre-fascist irrationalist know nothing that has despoiled the human race. Has it ever occurred to you or your colleagues to find out the origin and system and prosecute?

What is unique about myself that is accessible to the human race is that I reject being the informant under prisoner's dilemma. My observation regarding the collapse of this country is that an individual or group of persons defected to a corrupt idea which spread through the culture where corrupt law enforcement emerges as a gang – RICO structure. The president himself and the officials are informants – traitors to the constitution and country they have sworn to protect.

I state these things because I become internally conflicted when I attempt to give an explanation to a child in the future why they were born sick and the environment is chemically contaminated.

From this small town of Big Pine to Washington - Tokyo - London - New York, the human race has to ask why they would not stand up for my rights to challenge a traitorous system of torture. LGBTi should be concerned because they will live in an Orwellian Electronic Surveillance state hunted by LGBTi psychopaths. They may become attacked by levels of informants that are heterosexual and vice - versa. This is clearly demonstrated by 20 plus years of attempting to evade torture.

It is a powerful statement for the strict heterosexual individual. It is coming down to a Full Blown Scorched Earth to defeat a 160 lb. male by Gay Irrationalist code officers from Los Angeles.

I argue that all of the members of Congress, Judiciary Branch, and Executive Branch should face open accusations of treason.

Senator Boxer, my analisis is that my only resource is to answer this Queen's Gambit. Since my faith preaches exclusive heterosexuality I follow under it's lead. This permits me be to be the leader in what should be criminal and civil discovery.

The condonement by LGBTi agenda, only facilatates a fast second performance. To do so also means damaging persons as yourself and Bill and Hillary Clinton. I am independent politically so I have no problem confronting the Reagan Legacy, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, the Heritage Foundation et al.

The Hare Krishna Movement is based on total surrender. This means a priesthood (Brahmins) who are mortified to the flesh, hence celibate.

This precludes this Gay Triumphalism which is impossible during a scorched earth and has to wait for official recognition and intellects to punishment members of their own corp.

Sri Krishna – Declare it boldly my devotee never perishes...

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA