Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflections On the New Fascism


The current sanitization of Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth by the United States since 1987 begs the question of the mens rea or criminal intent behind the actus rea or criminal intent.

What is at hand is Irrationalism in the negative. This is a scripted espionage of this country by a foreign agent, the allegation being Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom.

This is a negative Irrationalism; hence such would turn into Fascism with official recognition and apologetics from the intellects, political actors, businesses and average persons that are benefitting from racketeered quid pro quos in plundering the wealth of the United States.

The paradigm begins with individualism in a setting where actors are initiated into defection model by blackmail and extortion. The differentiation at the positive law is a citizen versus a criminal but involves eternal law systems which are not the specialization of lawyers.

Hence through prisoner’s dilemma a state engineered Storyboard of the British Empire is developed. (Up until WWI this truly was an empire). Individual targets have their entire lives scripted and are placed in nodes that radiate outwards from the proximate cause or Origin.

In the abstract a class system is developed. Here one can discern an antagonistic clash of ethics as consequentialism versus deontology. The result is a variant of a Master Passion where individual hedonistic preferences, for the instant as homosexuality are maintained privately although they are intended to be public policy.

Here the defection and blackmail and extortion ring forces both individuals and artificial organizations as government, corporations, and gang structures to reciprocate as informants.

This places sworn officials as the United States president and state governors as under the color of authority.

New fascism is not a response to communism. It is an invertabration or counter culture of civilization with no known strategy to establish rights or rule of law. It will use totalitarianism without a check and balance of the courts. The population is reduced to lumpen or criminal workers for the police. As informants they are arrested, suffer violence, and disease as HIV/AIDS.

The official recognition of the system will reveal the total creation of wealth through insider or de facto criminal actions which are not merit based or legal. This is one facet of blackmail and extortion.

To paraphrase Barack Obama and his family are on Christmas Vacation in 2011 as the Colorado River in Blythe, CA, Mary Bono-Mack R- 45 is Chemically Assaulted.