Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Debate Not Taken

The debate last evening between Barack Obama and John McCain did not create much movement between those undecided. If one was for a particular candidate they probably still are. The financial sector meltdown is part of the ongoing degradation of our culture that neither candidate has the courage to admit is happening.

This is a form of criminality known as ritualism. Barack Obama is just one side of the coin of the Perfect Dictator while John McCain is the opposite. The Paulson-Bernanke Plan to bail out failed corporations and buy what is being referred to as toxic debt is an ode to the theory of power elites. Such states that the government is in the service of the president, ceos, and four star generals.

This is not a main street bailout. It looks like state capitalism from my perspective.

I believe that the credibility of President George Bush is marginalized. This is my favor but I too, am being negatively affected by the skills of failed bankers. I have actually went into the black as of about March 2007.

The callousness and antisocial informant culture of the zeitgeist cannot be understated. 

I feel much more clearheaded and more dynamic in making complaints against sworn officials as the endgame emerges on the horizon. 

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