Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Present and Future Leadership


Emmett Till

Picture 002 David Nollmeyer

In our times we are raised to dream to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, athletes, musicians, and entertainers. What to think of as compared to the president of the United States? Currently President Barack Obama is setting a bad example by ignoring my status as a legal person here in the United States.

At the present time at the present time the body of a victim of a lynching in 1955, Emmett Louis Till is missing in Burk Oak Cemetery. His injuries were quite severe. He was originally buried in a glass top casket. This was to demonstrate the severity of his injuries to the public. His body was exhumed and reburied another casket.

His body is now lost in the graveyard. Just as Emmett became a symbol for the civil rights movement, it is plausible that my current circumstances will become a baseline for the impeachment and legal discredit for President Barack Obama and his predecessors.
The culture has failed because it could not produce true leaders. The folly of consequentialism and false security under tyranny is our graveyard. Our glass top casket without a body is the media which censors and sanitizes as an accomplice to human rights abuse.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Obama: The Costs of Sanitization

In spite of Obama’s call for change, his administration has actually done nothing to effect change of the misguidance of the last 20 years. Obama has pulled out of Guantanamo and the major cities of Iraq. He remains a fixture of a Perfect Dictator.

The president continues to act as if he and his administration are not subject to the rule of law.  Barack Obama needs to accept the conditions of external reality.  Chemical Assault will define the past five presidents.  It is hard to conceive that there is a worldwide censorship that still endures after 22 years.

It is clear that the president desires to continue the path of impunity under power realities.  His lack of statesmanship and diplomacy is a dangerous lead.  Vice president Biden has recently stated that the United States will not interfere with Israel if she chooses to attack Iran.

Considering that no other nation will recognize the conditions here, especially in California, the president and other leaders are directing the world in a trajectory under nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons that does not have any precedent.

This dangerous culture is a precarious foundation for the future.  I believe that legal records and Web presentations are the only sources that have openly recognized systematic human rights abuses.  This will continue for the historical and legal record.  It is a tragic folly to believe that this conduct is worth teaching to our future children.