Sunday, February 17, 2013

Open Letter: Frank Schmalleger's



Frank Schmalleger

Dear Professor Schmalleger's

I am writing you today over my concern for the concrete performance of Homeland Security Officers (law enforcement), the study of Administration of Justice, and the certification process for sworn code officers.

Schmalleger's philosophy of both teaching and writing can be summed up in these words:  "In order to communicate knowledge we must first catch, then hold, a person's interest -- be it student, colleague, or policymaker. Our writing, our speaking, and our teaching must be relevant to the problems facing people today, and they must in some way help solve those problems."

As seen there is an in continuo Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth ongoing in the United States since June 17, 1987. I am just west of the Salton Sea, California. This inland body of water has been despoiled on two presidential elections and swearing in ceremonies of Barack Obama.

The allegation is that LAPD is operating this usurpation as a Gay Militia with various nom de guerras.

The creation of the Homeland Security has done nothing to secure Americans. Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano has been derelict since she was a US Attorney and Governor of Arizona. Vice President Biden and Napolitano are two of the most de facto and corrupt sworn officials in this nation’s history.

In California POST Certification is used to qualify officers. Most have about 60 degrees of college credit.

I have taken Intro To Administration of Justice, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Forensic Science, Multicultural Diversity, and Criminology. I have seen no recognition of what is likely treason, obstruction of justice in a RICO entrapment.

The American President is under the color of law.

Who is Obama and his predecessors from Reagan onward shielding from prosecution.

There is no renunciation of the conspiracy by any actor writ large.

How are large quantities of chemicals being deposited into waterways, the air, and food product from the factory?

Are system prescribes that criminal actors be prosecuted and victims compensated.

At issue is the certification of code officers in Administration of Justice programs nationwide.

If officers have 60 units of credit and many have an AA degree or better, what good is the effort if actors have undermined the credible of the American Policeman?

It appears that cells of LAPD officers are violating mutual aid violations with other agencies to destabilize the United States.

Why are Administrative of Justice text writers not confronting this abuse?

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

February 17, 2013

Desert Shores CA


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