Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Human Rights Discussion: Circle of Abuse

Monday, October 02, 2006

Human Rights Guarantees

The recent compromise between President Bush and Republican Senators, John McCain, John Warner, and Lindsey Graham does not fulfill any concept of Constitutional law or Homeland Security.

The continued push by the Bush Administration to increase the Powers of the Presidency since a perspective of retreat from the Vietnam War have alienated the top echelon of advisors and President Bush himself from a majority of persons in the United States and internationally.

The President has decried activist judges. He himself is an activist president who had attempted to use national emergencies to increase his personal power and the powers of the office at the expense of the legislative and executive branches.

I argue that the alienation of legal right of person before the court for enemy combatants is reason alone to reject the perspective of what appears to be a push by neo-conservative thinkers to create a Bush Doctrine.

The neo-conservative thinkers can be admired for being forward minded on issues of homeland security. This is has been modeled from a study of Israel and its main interest, hence SECURITY.

In an admission of reality it is unwise for those who maintain a strong connection to Israel’s national security to be in charge of the rights of what are Islamic enemy combatants.

Cutting the glove to fit the hand for any necessity that fulfills short term interest is unwise. The laws and rights erected by the founding fathers of this country should be heeded. Laws and rights are created as a perpetual association to ensure the survival of the citizen and the state.

I believe that this polarized country and this president are acting in haste if they diminish the rights of persons against despotism.

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