Friday, January 28, 2011

It’s Getting Better?

obama sou

Barack Obama


David Kato 

Dear Friends,

Barack Obama has just delivered his State of the Union speech. He clearly did not mention the in-continuo Chemical Assault imposed over my person. The Salton Sea, California is destroyed. David Kato a LGBTi Activist in Uganda was murdered within days.
I believe there is a relationship. Regardless if there is a direct origin, Barack Obama is not fulfilling his It's Getting Better campaign slogan.
Since my life is in jeopardy, and am not being recognized by a censorship orchestrated by Same Sex Males worldwide of 6.8 billion people it is prudent to speak the truth plainly and elaborate on discipline areas where we have some relevance.

The LGBTi Approach should be concerned. Any person or group claiming moral or legal relevancy could be defeated and lose accreditation and possibly face prison.
Here is a sketch of what I believe the future holds for LGBTi persons and the multilateral relationship we have with our sworn officials and the agents of social control.

Thank you for your consideration.
Radhe Radhe!!!
Bhakta David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores CA

Emergence and the Pre-Paradigm: Confounding of the LGBTi Movement

The social sciences present a problematic in the search for an ordered universal system of existing laws and principles which lend to the accurate prediction of consequent events. In the territoriality of human culture the very question of deterministic outcomes and their implication in the preference of choices and opportunity in itself develops confounding of any type to establish universal standards.
With this said the Lesbian Gay Transgender Intersex movement is an emergent social movement and has it’s own discipline area as LGBTi Studies and History. These two labels will be used inclusively to ordinate all abstract and empirical processes and structures relevant to this communities concerns and the interaction and transformations that occur to it and other communities and social structures of which it has interaction.

The need to undertake such an inquiry is do to the alienation of my rights under the United States Constitution and the ICCPR. This has been lead by Los Angeles Police Department and allegedly Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom. This has occurred from June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware.

Kuhn proposes the idea that it is the attainment of a common paradigm, by the community of scientists working in a given discipline area distinguishes science from other forms of study. He used the term in a very specific way to denote four defining characteristics of a uniquely scientific conceptual framework. These are: (1) a set of shared symbolic generalizations; (2) a common model of reality; (3) shared values as to standards and legitimate procedures; and (4) shared exemplars in the form of concrete problem solutions typical of the approach of the relevant scientific community. He explained that it is the assimilation of these standards and exemplars, rather than the conscious acquisition of formal rules, which is the end result of the socialization process by which a student becomes a member of the community of professional scientists (Hutcheon, 1995).

The complex syndrome of a linear event (quantifiable according to mathematical - standards versus crystal or experience based - or other faith based criteria.#) emerging through a scripted attempt at state planning posits contradictory problems in a setting which posits same sex (homosexuality) versus opposite sex (heterosexual) individuals in space and time. Here rational decision making and task to goal organization are contrasted with irrationality.
The immediate implication emerges whether is (homosexuality) same sex identity and behavior directly related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all? The same can be asked if (heterosexuality) opposite sex behavior and identity are related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all?

The formation of the LGBTi Approach and History are questionable due to the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth program implemented and imposed over my natural person.

Social Science as other models compete. Here there is a philosophy or ideology within that permits ideology to be amendable to time, place, and circumstances. The rigid methodologies of hard third party verifiable sciences are not so. Such methodologies would be obsolete or falsifiable if they could not maintain or further discovery with predictability. The LGBTi Approach is emergent attempting to take on a dimension similar to Marxism and Freudian Psychoanalysis in that a working model, symbols, language and congruency within it’s principles and analysis exist (Hutcheon 1995). The LGBTi Approach is taking on this dimension gradually but with content true to it‘s own nature. It is in this instance that it as all other discipline areas form as system whether it’s parameters are known or discoverable by empirical methods.

A transformational antagonism is what LGBTi theorists perceive and the interaction with a partisan democratic executive, legal, and judicial system in the United States where court cases are proceeding in California where the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth radiates and of which I am a resident.

An externality to the emergence of the LGBTi Approach is the pragmatism of those desiring a victory by victory positive right trajectory over a Gay Triumphalist position.

The Gay Militia that is attacking with non- military low grade chemical warfare is Gay Triumphalist.

One of the dynamics of the Gay Triumphalist position at the present is the provocateurs who are used  are dependent on Obstruction of Justice from the Origin, Cambridge Law School.
Simple Classical Conditioning explains an antecedent for the eventual defeat between the two positions in the LGBTi Approach.


Superstitious behavior: depends on accidental association between action and consequence:

• Skinner left pigeons alone, reinforced every 15 seconds. Reported that they
developed “superstitious” behavior, each bird having a different behavior. Pigeons appeared to believe that they were “making the food appear”

• Temporal contingency--birds were doing something when the food appeared. . .

Here LAPD although they are adept at destroying my life and the environment of which I exist, are also attacking 600,000 HIV/AIDS positive living persons. Since 240,000 of these individuals are MSM natural persons there is a built in contingency whom if acting rationally would defeat this Gay on Gay crime in their instance.
Since I am opposite sex or heterosexual this is a Gay on Straight Hate Crime covered under federal and state law.

They are not capable of themselves of sustaining the quid pro quos that permit to take salary while they are attacking citizens not protecting them.


Popper and Kuhn on the evolution of science. (Hutcheon, P.D., 1995) Retrieved January 2011 from

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union

obama 1a-2011

Barack Obama

In constructing my refutation to Mobilization of Empire and Civilization - MOEC, the use of the Kuhn - Popper methodologies will be a template. The arguments for a paradigm or working science are predicated on having a set of laws or ordered principles in the subject (antecedent) of which predictable third party observable consequent acts can be deduced with accuracy.

Hence an art or craft is therefore particularized to a detail.

Here the Theory of Laws:


Are a highly used workable format for all systems.

I am going to refute aspects of Political Science and it’s history where the United States is concerned from June 17, 1987, the 200th Anniversary of the Constitution.

Empirically from Positive Law and rising to discover a law, the study of Political Philosophy from Plato to Marx forms a pre-paradigm according to Kuhn. The use of both predicate calculus (formal logic) and informal fallacies are also noticeable in the defection model within prisoner’s dilemma of which MOEC reduces to.

Here there is noticeable tree or dialectic from common law to statute law of the Social Contract Theory. System transformations within the international, nation-state, and local government are also being pressured for their fitness to uphold the rule of law. The Social Contract is accepted as the correct theory of law in the United States and internationally.

The extension of logic and philosophy into abnormal psychology also is highly prominent. Here the challenges of determinism and socialization models concerning same sex (homosexuality) and opposite sex (heterosexuality) are being examined in continuo during a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth against my natural person and citizenship.

This arises from Male Same Sex Male MSM homeland security officers in Los Angeles Police Department.  I am opposite sex and purely so from birth. This polarity gives rise to the attack.

Herein where I have been stating the LGBTi paradigm, I will now clarify this as the LGBTi Approach. In scientific terms this movement is clearly emergent and interdisciplinary and could only qualify as a pre-paradigm. Contrast this with the emergence of political science from Plato to Marx. This too, only emphasizes western political thought. Political Science in spite of it’s label and all the social science are thought of crafts. The educational model in place in California posits that these areas must be developed under scientific determinism.

The static response to censorship and sanitization also questions the integrity of the University of California whom by law are the official archives of this state.

This also strengthens the case that Cambridge Law School is the Origin and authorship.


This attack clearly alienates my person from positive law under the Bill of Rights. My substantive freedoms have been abrogated and the presidency blackmailed. Barack Obama will make his second State of the Union speech within hours. He is under the color of law. The Salton Sea in California is a Scorched Earth. My focus now is the advocacy of HIV/AIDS persons, of which number about 600,000. It cruel and unusual treatment to have an attack imposed over one individual to attack human civilization.

The quantum of force used is compelling as is the blackmail and extortion used to perpetuate de facto activity. LGBTi advocacy groups as LAMBDA, who specialize in legal issues and HIV/AIDS advocacy are also immediately called into question as are other sworn official and professionals who sustain the censorship and sanitization.

Quid pro quos are easy targets spread across the earth. More importantly are the natural persons. There are 310 million individuals in the United States January 25, 2011.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer
January 25, 2011
Desert Shores California

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Obama Presidency Two Years Hence

obama 1-2011Obama January 2011

P1010006 Salton Sea on MLK Day 2011

President Barack Obama has finished two years of his term. He will present his second State of the Union address on the Capitol on Tuesday January 25, 2011. It is likely that he will focus on the economy and job creation as he has in recent days. The foreign wars in Iran and Afghanistan are likely topics as are tensions with North Korea. Obama has just recently had a very high profile week with a State Dinner with Chinese Premier Hu as the featured guest. Human rights were an opening tension at meetings.

Here in is a point of departure to capitulate the Barack Obama presidency. Mr. Obama campaigned with full cognition of the in continuo Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth against my person which objectively functions as a linear attack against human civilization. This alienation of rights is based on a sibling - cohort rivalry under a Father and Mother figure in a neo Freudian format.

It is a duel between Same Sex (homosexuality) and Opposite Sex (heterosexuality). Salient features are a total despoliation of surface and tap water in my presence. This began on February 12, 2007 in Earp, California - Parker, Arizona on the Colorado River.
This is coded-named Radhanatha and is a poison in the well fallacy against an ISKCON diksa guru. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna. This means I accept a deceased guru, Srila Prabhupada as my diksa or initiating guru. In traditional Gaudiya Vaishnavism (Hare Krishna Movement) a living guru has given initiation. Deceased gurus are then called siksa gurus as are other persons who are instructing gurus or teachers.

This activity radiates from cell(s) of a Gay Militia, their choice of words, of Male Same Sex Male MSM officers in Los Angeles Police Department LAPD. I am a pure heterosexual. All this states is that I have had zero MSM activity in 49 years of life. I am one day older than Barack Obama being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico, not in Kenya.

Here two very strong elements of a hate crime are present. They are gender orientation and faith. The near total invertebration of the Bill of Rights has occurred. Under the 8th Amendment - There Shall Be No Cruel and Unusual Treatment renders my stalking as shocking to the conscience. The defection to United States de facto and ommissive interests posits Obama as leading the world’s greatest censorship by his criminal behavior.

President Obama has chosen Joe Biden - of whom lived only several houses away from me in Dover as Vice President, Delaware, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, wife of ex-president Bill Clinton, and Janet Napolitano ex - governor of Arizona as Homeland Secretary where I have a extensive legal presence. This develops the cohort rivalry under a father figure God and both our natural parents.

The despoliation of the Salton Sea where I am currently writing affects the 51st District of D - Bob Filner, MA University of Delaware and the 45th District of R - Mary Bono Mack who is also 49 years of age being born on October 25, 1961. Her district also includes the Colorado River area described earlier.

As an negative externality the contamination of the environment affects all other persons, life forms, and tangible assets for many miles. It said that up to 1/3 of the country can be disturbed along the freeway routes.

This bring into direct conflict the advocacy and rights of HIV/AIDS positive persons. There are about 1.3 million estimated cases. There are about 600,000 persons estimated to be positive. Of these 40% or 240,000 are said to be MSM persons. About 55,000 new cases are verified each year. This yields roughly 70 MSM cases per day.

The sanitization of the Obama presidency attacks HIV/AIDS positives persons. Obama is a leader for the LGBTi platform. Proposition 8 in California has been struck and is most likely headed to the Supreme Court. Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell DADT will be ending perhaps in Spring of this year.

Bullying or Stalking of LGBTi persons has resulted in numerous suicides of youth. I am the most Stalked Individual in world history to the prejudice of Barack Obama and the LGBTi Advocacy groups that have condoned this violence.

I will focus on LAMBDA headed by Kevin Cathcart as they specialize in legal issues and most leaders are sworn lawyers before the bar. The cohort rivalry focuses on LAPD as sworn MSM officers against an opposite sex Hare Krishna Bhakta. This is directly antagonistic to his curricula vitae.

This is inescapable for anyone investigating the provocateur styled Joe Virus that attempts to use informants of lower qualified persons to drag down superior persons. LAPD is alleging that Cambridge Law School is the Origin and Authorship.

Here according to Kuhn and Popper’s methodologies LGBTi and Presidential History can be immediately falsified. The sociological and psychological methodologies under Kuhn’s system need more third party verification and study but prima facie there are serious anomalies in both discipline areas to confound their standing.

In summary, the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth against the Salton Sea requires a quantum of force that has never been directed more severely at one individual. The success of using the United States as a catalyst to attack the human race leaves very little credibility to Obama or the economic interest’s position of condoning the trade of damaged and contaminated commodities. The teaching of LGBTi Studies and History is fraudulent as it does not address me nor the effect on HIV/AIDS persons while promoting interests who have taken credit and remuneration for this advocacy.

Barack Obama is 49 years of age. In thirty years he will be just past his natural life expectancy. This leaves him as the target at the executive level as he is the continuum of sanitizing the damage of his predecessors in the Oval Office.

Radhe Radhe!!!
Bhakta David Nollmeyer
Along the Salton Sea CA

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day – Fish Kill – Salton Sea – CA

It is unfortunate that more wildlife is succumbing to the forces of man and nature. Pollution from date farming in Riverside and flow from the New River in Mexico, the most polluted in the United States pushes life at time when will and resources are scarce.
This fish kill is symbolic for those agents who wish to alienate and marginalize persons through blackmail and terror of Chemical Agents.
In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing


P1010001Salton Sea Area 

Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing

Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing is the formation of a defeated and corrupt attempt by same sex members of Cambridge Law School to expose racketeering, quid pro quo payoffs and retaliation as human rights abuse authored by themselves and others worldwide (Lenin 1901)#.

It develops from an inferiority complex in same sex males and displacement against heterosexual males primarily in the first instance. All members of society are eventually attacked as well as both the physical and cultural geography.

Gay Irrationalism appears during the 1880s with a severe challenge from the Third Reich. Here the development of chemical weapons that were used in WWI and other clandestine experiments appears to have been incorporated into the RICO styled defection model.

The three main ideologies of the 20th century are conservatism, liberalism, and irrationalism. The 1900s has witnessed the transition from irrationalist fascist - Nazism states to degraded or mixed forms of socialism. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan are the main examples of this structural shift#.

Here the planners of the United Kingdom devised a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth contingent on marginal targeted chemical assaults TCA towards Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth CASE. This targeting to strategic escalation is based on being a member of same sex practices of the  Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender-Intersex or LGBTi community less marginal TCA to exclusive heterosexuals - full blown CASE. (This is only one target or person - the author David Nollmeyer.

The targeting of the United States, it’s constitution, citizens, and president as catalyst by using a manifest function of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth - now in January of 2011, the Salton Sea, California is despoiled to constrain myself and attack my primary rights. The other externality is that the attack is so widespread is that it also directly affects the 600,000 estimated living HIV/AIDS population out of a caseload of nearly 1.1 million with per se 1.3 estimated cases.

The Origin has created a symbiotic duality of rational and irrationalist decision making preferences. LAPD members contain a Gay Militia. An early member code named Periander escalated the trajectory and branch of the conspiracy towards negative territoriality which is the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. Two members code named the Fly and Dodo have initiated the attack. Dodo continues to direct the event.

The Cambridge as authorship appeared to be willing to expose knowledge of state sponsored human rights abuse inclusive of genocide. This is a very strong allegation but it strengthens the manifest function, an attack against civilization, HIV/AIDS members and myself.

If one were to examine the Bill of Right such has been inverted against myself and radiated asymmetrical towards the 310 million persons residing in the United States and 6.8 billion natural persons worldwide. The UDHR and ICCPR Protocols have wider acceptance internationally and this is rational under the law of nations with concrete enforcement not philosophical or theological polemics.

The attack then postulates the invertebration of citizenship, positive rights, and duties into an informant working under defection to the Gay Militia of LAPD.

Here a multilateralist experiment emerges as the citizen confronts his head of state. LAPD must quickly insulate a movement perception of and structure of culpability away from same sex LGBTi persons President Ronald Reagan was the first target on June 17, 1987. This has now evolved to five presidents:

Ronald Reagan
George HW Bush
William Clinton
George W Bush
Barack Obama

The quantum of force directed by this miscalculation of decision making has also emerged with force to negate the discipline areas of LGBTi Studies. Any area of LGBTi history that does not deal with the emergence of a Gay Militia attacking with clandestine chemical weapons is suspect especially if taught for profit at accredited institutions. Irrationalism will turn to Fascism when apologists emerge to defend it’s crimes.

Three prominent LGBTi advocacy groups are:

Freedom to Marry - Evan Wolfson
Courage Campaign - Rick Jacobs
LAMBDA - Kevin Cathcart

Empirically these groups have claimed excellence in support of HIV/AIDS persons. I find this to be spurious and falsifiable. The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth imposed over my person, I am  a pure lifelong heterosexual can extend from California eastward towards Texas, north through Nevada and into Oregon. The worldwide censorship and sanitization is efficient enough to launch Target Chemical Assaults and stalking against persons in every nation-state.

The paradigm shift of the LGBTi agenda is synchronic with the Chemical Assault and in a symbiotic and antagonistic manner. Gay Marriage or the Right to Marry and the repeal of Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell DADT in the United States military are paired with the linear objective attack on human civilization. This at the lower boundary posits the HIV/AIDS population as the largest identifiable group and myself as the objective individual the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is based over.

The lack of moral and legal will, apperception reflect the consequentialist based failure of due process and equal protection (14th Amendment). The abject subjection to cruel and unusual treatment (8th Amendment) is no concern as a purge of informants escalates through this panorama of antagonistic motion through so-called victories of the LGBTi platform.

The lack of internal checks, failure in the culture and offices of LAPD, City of Los Angeles and the Department of Homeland Security have recreated a state of nature, anarchy, and chaos without primary rights or the rule of law. The destruction of tangible wealth implicates the class structure of the United States. The sworn officials on public payrolls have boxed this attack over the general population writ large.

Since I am the only individual whose natural life and United States citizenship who has a  full blown Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth imposed over it, the emergence of the Gay Irrationalist - Gay Know Nothing ideology, these terms are from the authorship and are not of my invention, this abnormality in reasoning and decision making compromises the sworn officials and other professions which are checks against tyrannical abuse.

The LGBTi community is the only group in modern history who have not been successful in modern police work. Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals based on narcissistic individualism and pathological lying have attacked the HIV/AIDS population.

Here the remaining population and the HIV/AIDS may guilty as informants by taking outputs and cash and non-cash remuneration from this corrupt RICO styled organization.


Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing is a designed ideology constructed by planner as a catalyst to attack civilization through the United States. Ronald Reagan was the target as president. The counter thesis to democracy is social welfare or mixed socialism (less nationalism). The deification of the LGBTi platform is an artificial attempt at universal law making that is an abstract platform of defection.

The negative externality of a defeated American Democracy and police work aid the mechanistic thinking of communism and it’s offshoots of socialism. Storyboarding and scripting Male Sex Male MSM persons into a Gay Militia attacks LGBTi advocacy groups as LAMBDA who are primarily sworn lawyers.
A redherring/strawman is devised creating my life as a heterosexual into a member of the LGBTi community.

Here as the Chemical Assault is a manifest function condoned by President Barack Obama, Governor Brown, Chief Beck of  LAPD, a falsification of the paradigm shift claimed by members of the LGBTi Studies and History group is order. World History and other discipline areas where these studies are subsets are also corrupted.

Here an advocacy of HIV/AIDS persons now an estimated 600,000 in the United States will falsify claims of LGBTi advocacy groups, lawyers, and academics.

Works Consulted:

Anarchism and socialism. (1901) Lenin, VI.

Base and superstructure. (2010, August 23). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 20:47, November 10, 2010, from

The three sources and three component parts of Marxism. (1913) Lenin, VI.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

It is Official - I Will Challenge LGBTi History


P1010009Salton Sea

Julia Silva works for the APA on violence concerning LGBTi persons. I have made it official that the HIV/AIDS population are very focused target of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Campaign.

Hello Julia Silva,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am the individual with whom the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is imposed over.

The Salton Sea in California is a Scorched Earth. My air, food, clothing, and water is deolied. If I walk near a building the police will attack the tap water. I have survived almost 4 years without drinking any water. Most of the beverages at stores iare contaminated at the factory.

There are 600,000 living HIV-AIDS cases.

They are being also killed off.

I am pure heterosexual. Zero same sex acts over 49.5 years of life.

LAPD contains a Gay Militia who have carried out the attack.

You should act.

I am writing you first to inform you that I am openly going to falsify the LGBTi paradigm shift according the basic Kuhn methodology. Hence LGBTi History is censorship and sanitization without recognizing the LGBTi based attack by LAPD against a Straight Male.

Please consider this seriously. I am peaceful.

The HIV-AIDS population are secondary targets and will litigate in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Salton Sea

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Schwarzenegger Era Ends...


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Kamala Harris

David solstice

David Nollmeyer

Winter Solstice 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger’s two terms have ended with the inauguration of Jerry Brown. Schwarzenegger leaves a very disturbing trend of ritualism. He knowingly lead a recall of Gray Davis in 2003 because of the Enron Scandal that left California some 15 billion USD in red. Bond debt has tripled in 7 years from $27.6 billion to $77 billion USD.

He began his political career knowing that a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth was ongoing and leaves the state with this event escalated. The Salton Sea is contaminated. The Colorado River, where this escalation code-named Radhanatha began on February 12, 2007 has been hit twice and flows into Mexico. Northern California lakes in the Eastern High Sierra are also being wrecked.

Totally disturbing is the HIV/AIDS - Hepatitis population. 1.3 million persons are estimated to be positive for HIV/AIDS with 600,000 alive and the remainder not tested. Currently about 230,000 persons per year are infected with Hepatitis C. Some 28,000 to 38,000 are chronically infected. They will die of complications of this liver based illness.

There are 157,719 cases in California as of June 30, 2010. 132,065 are MSM or Male Same Sex Male or 66.6 percent. Men are a staggering 89.5 to 9.5 percent majority over females in infection with transgendered 0.6.

AGE GROUP** by percent of total infected

20 to 29 17.8
30 to 39 41.0
40 to 49 27.4
Over 49 12.4

This demonstrates a total disregard for human life. Schwarzenegger exhibits a psychopathic lack of conscience. The victimization in my opinion would be all 38 million persons in California. This personally presents a challenge as the LGBTi advocacy groups as LAMBDA, a major group of mostly lawyers lead by Kevin Cathcart does not recognize what is happening and sanitizes the attack.

Two other notable luminaries in the LGBTi rights movement have won offices in the 2010 General Elections. San Francisco DA Kamala Harris is now the first woman attorney general and Gavin Newsome Mayor of San Francisco will be Lt. Governor.

The environmental contamination emanating from LAPD with a Gay Militia is indicative of wholesale corruption in the heterosexual and LGBTi communities.

I continue to work from the straight side. As LAPD wishes to embed themselves in the LGBTi paradigm their leaders, especially those sworn will come under focus and comparative analysis with their job descriptions and myself.