Tuesday, April 29, 2014

War Criminals on the Run

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Irrationalism Versus Science

The rise of Irrationalism and Neo Nazi - Fascism in the Anglo American Paradigm appears to have some basis in the obstruction and degradation of work of prominent scientists by British lawyers attempting to social engineer the United Kingdom. This allegation concerns the era of the 1880s circa 1930s when Neo Nazism was emergent in Germany.

The obstruction of Cambridge Lawyers and possibly Scotland Yard regarding a response to the Bismarck and Third Reich appears to have been met with confusion and fascist tendencies by the British themselves.

The threat of Germany predominating the continent resulted in the development of Chemical Warfare which was used in WWI.

What is now evident is we are witnessing the craftwork of War Criminals on the run. In lieu of renunciation of the conspiracy the Membership instead chose to drag everyone down if they go down.

Their reasoning a follows a line if I am guilty then the United States and it's President also should be guilty under equal protection and due process. The Membership was totally confident that the Amrican President and population were dependent Informants that they created Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC.

Historically five Irrationalist Presidents have been entrapped in a scripted Crime Against Humanity:

Ronald Reagan
George HW Bush
William Clinton
George W Bush
Barack Obama

The actors in question appear to have been Male Same Sex MSM males.

Their obstruction and attempts to create dependency of the scientists on their social engineering clique resulted in tit for tat reprisals.

In this nexus it also is argued that the British were aware of a disease called Slim in Africa. This obstruction of science and a disposition towards Gay Fascism resulted in the use of behaviorstic theories which were beginning to organize.

Hence a confrontation between homosexuals who were in control and heterosexuals did not terminate criminal conspiracies controlling state planning and what are now considered War Crimes.

The modus operandi simply incorporated the conflict and displaced it's injustices on others worldwide.

Currently Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is the continuation of this botched attempt to counter Nazism.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an artificial ideology that will attempt to degrade one to 80 IQ.

145 - 160 Genius
130 - 3.5 GPA
100 - Average
80 -   Dullness
70 - Impaired - Illegal to execute

A same sex qualification for rights becomes embedded in a RICO Criminal Enterprise with pay called deals. MOEC is a Trojan Horse. It's outer covering is a marriage making scheme which is actually marriage breaking.

The systems Strategic Mission is Gay Marriage. It claims that all members of it's Gay Militia are MSM.

This militia is operating from LAPD. It is the Anglo American Oprichniki.

An output for this oppression is the spread of HIV/AIDS from Africa by Bushmeat Practice and then behavior transactions by those seeking deals.

The movie Wizard of Oz very closely portrays the leading of persons on a Yellow Brick Road to success hence, rigged non merit based social engineering.

MOEC targeted President Ronald Reagan with a Crime Against Humanity which involves:

Electronic Surveillance
Biological and Chemical Warfare

The entirety of the manifest Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is imposed over one natural person, myself Bhakta David Nollmeyer.

All other persons and territories are fractals. My grandfather was adopted. My name by blood then would be David Kronin. Hence we arrive to a Systems Concept: The Fractals of Kroni.

If one person loses their rights the whole does also.

When the Manifest Function of MOEC occurred on June 17, 1987 there were less than 50,000 HIV cases. There are about 1.3 million to date. So if I am alienated from my rights then the HIV/AIDS population abot 600,000 are attacked also.

The attempt to create Gay  Irrationalism - Gay Fascism has occurred. Gay Fascism would necessitate involvement by apologist intellectuals.

I would state 100 percent that spread of HIV/AIDS is reprisal for Gay Social Engineering which the development of Gay Fascism.

The United States has fought three wars with Britain. June 17, 1987 is the date of the Manifest Function of MOEC.

The University of California Berkeley specifically reflects the Gay Know Nothing attack. Such is a premier science school which operates a very lucrative Department of Defense DOD contract.
Ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano has been President since July, 2013.

If you are HIV/AIDS positive I would state you should consider if your status is the result of being a reprisal for a Gay Irrationalist - Gay Know Nothing culture.

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization


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