Friday, March 10, 2006

Scorched Earth, Laws, Rights, and Extortion

Law, Rights, and Extortion
Dateline 3-10-06

I have just upgraded my IBM A21M with a USB networking device. This feature increases file transfers enormously. This is a low-tech revolution. However this model does have Windows 2000 Professional also obsolete but then again totally functional. I am beginning to slowly develop a corporate history presentation that will integrate both Profit and Non - Profit Management. The lack of leadership, hence being dependent has incurred unfathomable cash and non-cash costs. It is tremendously easy to despoil property. In the madness of Plutocracy many theorists and real managers have stressed running everything as a business. I have just begun to make a monthly budget and pay down credit card debt.

This model is only a marginal or incremental benefit. One has to oppose the oppressive FATALISTIC MICROMANAGEMENT that lies outside the Rule of LAW . The marginal and this is a parsimonious use of term has the cost of condoning mismanagement from various levels of government to escalate costs that are not being taken into consideration. This will be in the TRILLIONS of dollars. In degree the buck stops at the president's desk.

If a criminal orders one to perform an act one has delivered extortion. Here are two related definitions.

n. obtaining money or property by threat to a victim's property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right (such as pretending to be an IRS agent). It is a felony in all states, except that a direct threat to harm the victim is usually treated as the crime of robbery. Blackmail is a form of extortion in which the threat is to expose embarrassing, damaging information to family, friends or the public.

n. the crime of threatening to reveal embarrassing, disgraceful or damaging facts (or rumors) about a person to the public, family, spouse or associates unless paid off to not carry out the threat. It is one form of extortion (which may include other threats such as physical harm or damage to property).

One cannot obey a criminal even if this person is a regular law enforcement official or government official. This will then also involve the color of law.

color of lawn
the appearance of an act being performed based upon legal right or enforcement of statute, when in reality no such right exists. An outstanding example is found in the civil rights acts which penalize law enforcement officers for violating civil rights by making arrests "under color of law" of peaceful protesters or to disrupt voter registration. It could apply to phony traffic arrests in order to raise revenue from fines or extort payoffs to forget the ticket.
color of law

These concepts are not at all hard to grasp for a reasonable person. The pattern of extortion and blackmailing exists because the president is entangled in this situation.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

History as Last Resort
History may be argued as the last court. In The United States an attempt must be made to map out the structures that defacto elements have used even with a state of impunity and censorship occuring. Here Walmart is being singled out. They easily have the rescources to out sustain most legal claims.

Dear Walmart
Criminal Violation Crescent City CA


David Nollmeyer hereby files complaint with Wal-Mart of United States Code of infractions that occurred on August 25, 2005 and on a ensuing date within the next two weeks.
On these date(s) I was severely intimidated by employees of this store. This occurred by employees in several departments as I went to purchase a pair of Old Glory jeans 8-25-06. I am using this date as visa credit card was used in the purchase.
The harassment consists of slamming objects to intimidate persons. This is not a sundry event. The conduct by your employees is some of the worst in the history in the United States. I seek the exposure and criminal prosecution of this element regardless of how they attempt to embed themselves in the culture or workforce. I am discussing a systematic following of me through the store.

I am a Human Rights activist. I advocate rights of persons universally regardless of religion, race, creed, or sexual orientation. On the occasion leading up to the abuse I wrote two papers on civil rights and advocated Hladini devi dasi who was murdered in a genocide in Liberia. (I will enclose the copy of the complaint I have recently sent against College of the Redwoods.
I am asking that you conduct an internal investigation into the activity here at this store.
I do not use drugs or alcohol and I would argue you have a serious problem with this element which I have no sympathy for whatsoever.

There is a link in this are also to gender abuse. I am not sure what the motives are here. In my case you will see a homini homo lupus, man is a wolf to man. There is an antisocial characteristic throughout the human species localism and groups are not guaranteeing a high level performance.

I am an Interdisciplinary Studies Major with an interest in Systems. I have obtained a GPA of 3.18 with 3.8 over my last 63 credits. I have a 3.98 at College of the Redwoods. I will without hesitation state that I am one of the most important students in the history of the University of California System. This system has been heavily involved in one of the worst abuses in the history of the United States. I will not elaborate further.

While in Dover Delaware a similar event occurred there. Within a few days a murder occurred in the parking lot. You will have tapes of me in the parking lot and in the store.

I look forward to you attempting to rectify this situation. Your hard work and dedication should not have a POOR CORPORATE history wish is an emergent study, which could aid or damage the sustainability of business.

David Nollmeyer
PO Box 81
Big Pine CA 93513

652A. General Principle
(1) One who invades the right of privacy of another is subject to liability for the resulting harm to the interests of the other.
(2) The right of privacy is invaded by:
(a) unreasonable intrusion upon the seclusion of another, as stated in 652B; or(b) appropriation of the other's name or likeness, as stated in 652C; or(c) unreasonable publicity given to the other's private life, as stated in 652D; or(d) publicity that unreasonably places the other in a false light before the public,
as stated in 652E.

652B. Intrusion upon Seclusion
One who intentionally intrudes, physically or otherwise, upon the solitude or seclusion of another or his private affairs or concerns, is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy, if the intrusion would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.

I am also stating that intimidating a witness occurs and will use the 14th amendment to facilitate.

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