Friday, May 12, 2006

Aiding Khazakhstan Devotees

Sundara nanda-gopala dasa


This situation must end. We must all get involved and we must do it now.
Please consider doing any of the following:

(1) Contact your local branch of Amnesty International ( or ) and describe the situation to them. Ask what can be done and speak with their advisors to determine how to take, and inspire, action for restoration of the Kazakhstan devotees' religious and human rights.

(2) See the below list of telephone and fax numbers and make an endeavour to contact the government of Kazakhstan and its associated branches, to voice your protest. The numbers are often difficult to get through to. Keep trying! When you do get through, INSIST on speaking to someone who speaks fluent English (unless, of course, you are fluent in Russian or Kazakhstani).

Presidential Office: +7 (3172) 152634, 152920, 152107 +7 (3172) 324558

Presidential PR department: +7 (3172) 744051

Administration of the President: +7 (3172) 151203, fax +7 (3172) 324480

Prosecutor's office of RK +7 (3172) 712868, 214025, 712500

Senate +7 (3172) 153195, 153239, 327710

Senate PR department: +7 (3172) 153295, 153505 fax +7 (3172) 334639

Committee on Religious Affairs Mr. Yeraly Lukpanovich Tugzhanov +7 (3172) 152497, 152217, 152690 fax +7 (3172) 328356

Prime Minister Mr. Danial Akhmetov +7 (3172) 152035, 152027

Almaty Regional Land Department Mr. Nauryzbai Asanbayevich Taubayev +7 (3272) 270125

Almaty Regional Hakim Mr. Serik Abikenovich Umbetov +7 (3282) 271753

Karasai District Hakim Bolat-bi Satynbayevich Kutpanov +7 (32771) 21142, 21709

Karasai District Court: +7 (32771) 20899

Court executive Ms. R. Baimukhanbetova +7 (32771) 22030

As earlier communiques from Kazakhstan have already explained, the following arguments may be presented:

"(A) Law-obedient citizens are deprived of their homes and thrown to the street. All of them have lawfully acquired the right of ownership for their plots of land, they have paid all the taxes and membership charges.

(B) The Hakim (Governor) of the district accuses the owners that they never had their property privatized. However the members of the community repeatedly applied to the Hakim for his permission to make the acts of ownership for their cottages and plots but he repeatedly refused. Without his sanction for privatization one cannot make needed documentation for the cottages.

(C) The devotees' houses are located on the territory of a Consumers Cooperative. There are 120 members of this Cooperative. However the claims are brought only against the members of the religious society. In each and every claim the connection of the defendants to the Religious Organization Society for Krishna Consciousness has been illustrated. This is a direct and flagrant violation of human rights and freedoms which are guaranteed by the Constitution of Kazakhstan.

(D) Confiscation of property without compensation is possible only in a criminal case. Ours is a civil case. It is not a criminal case.

(E) According to the law, the citizens whose property is confiscated are given at least 5 days to prepare for the execution of the court decision. In our case we have another transgression of the law as we were given less than one day."

(3) Please contact any media connections you may have. Public knowledge of conspiracy and exploitation often serves well to eliminate it.
Please also contact the government of Kazakhstan in writing at:
*Presidential Headquarters*

To the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mr. Nazarbayev N.A.
Government Palace, Levoberezhye,
Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan
*Presidential Residence*

To the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Mr. Nazarbayev N.A.
Akorda, Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan

Or, by e-mail at:
President's e-mail:

Please contact Sri Vrindavana Dhama/Palace of the Soul directly, at:

Thank you for your immediate attention to this very serious problem."

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