Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Culture of Corruption and Incompetence

Barack Obama is now currently setting up a cabinet based Abraham Lincoln’s War Cabinet. This entails some inclusiveness per the Republicans. I am not sure if Barack Obama takes himself seriously in being a political descendent of Lincoln. There is political chatter concerning totalitarianism in the media. Obama has proposed establishing civil defense committees to enhance national security. President Bush has lent his approval to this suggestion.

Here we must move onto what is not discussed openly. The past four presidents plus Obama have demonstrated no intention of correcting systematic torture and scorched earth. The future will pay the price. If persons are inclined to support non-merit based promotions, paths to careers, marriages, and police sponsored drug dealing only to return to have such objects and properties despoiled than the United States and it’s considerable influence is clearly jeopardized and more chaos is likely to incur.

It has been stated that persons near 50 years of age desire recognition and respect for their achievements. This in part has helped Obama. Conversely persons who are travailing their lifespan’s say from 30 to 50 since 1987 are seeing their entire lives wasted because the so-called leadership is inept and corrupt.

I am going to slowly develop some of the historical and legal achievements that I have almost unilaterally undertook to oppose tyranny. Of such are the 26 federal lawsuits that if given a fair hearing would of have ended this debacle.

Barack Obama nor any of his candidates for his cabinet can provide documented proof of opposition. This would be decisive against Joe Biden of Delaware where five suits are jurisdictional.

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