Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nancy Pelosi – Lets Discuss Treason


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Dear Speaker Pelosi

My writings and complaints to you and your associates in Congress fall on deaf ears and cold hearts.

Lets Discuss Treason and Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

I have written Senator Feinstein yesterday. In review LAPD discusses her as a Queen's Gambit in this operation. There also has been mention of an earlier discussion in 1986 regarding individuals who record video messages accusing persons of their homicides before they occur.

Rodrigo Rosenberg of Guatemala has recently down this and I have posted his video on my blog:


I am in the same position that Rodrigo Rosenberg was in. I do not see myself living 10 more years.

Under prisoner's dilemma cooperation would be adhering to the United States Constitution. Defection would mean following the orders of LAPD who are de facto.

I am claiming that Cambridge University of the United Kingdom is the authorship. As seen I allege that LAPD is implementing the chemical assault.

LAPD is LGBTi and I am a cradle to grave heterosexual. LAPD has an irrational defense mechanism that is delusional. They operate on the premise that if they damaged the legal standing of Ronald Reagan than they will be heroes in LGBTi locations as San Francisco. I agree that this IS ACCURATE in part only.


I will simply state that I view your performance as a sworn official in California as illegal and punishable by law. You have substantial contributions to the Gay Community that you undertook with peril to your own career.

What has a Gay Militancy run out of Homeland Security done for you? You should ask this of Janet Napolitano and William Bratton.

They have destroyed your legacy and family history as they have destroyed my life and who knows how many more.

I, like any other competent general simply wish to open a file through the defection model. This gambit includes Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi.

I consider that the 100th Congress in continuo is no more than a Pontius Pilate Club, a group of corrupt politicians who have thrown human life, their constituents under their bus for a profit.

I believe that the history of the world, country, and nation have been altered.

I am the leader of the idea and practice of civilly opposing Gay Irrationality – Gay Know Nothing.

Gay Fascism emerges when persons as Sheila Kuehl, State Senator from Santa Monica attempt to pass legislation sanitizing Gay History. Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is about 20 miles south of here.

LAPD's Gay Militia is racist against Latinos, Blacks, Jews, and Asians.

The officers that directly corrupted your life have code names. This may also include a complex of more than one officer.

Periander – Is most likely dead. He operated in the staging until the earl 1980s.



Today Proposition 8 was upheld. I have supported such in the past and will continue to fight to overturn same-sex marriage in Maine, Iowa, and here again in California if that is the case.

What has gay law enforcement and culture produced? It has produced pre-fascist irrationalist know nothing that has despoiled the human race. Has it ever occurred to you or your colleagues to find out the origin and system and prosecute?

What is unique about myself that is accessible to the human race is that I reject being the informant under prisoner's dilemma. My observation regarding the collapse of this country is that an individual or group of persons defected to a corrupt idea which spread through the culture where corrupt law enforcement emerges as a gang – RICO structure. The president himself and the officials are informants – traitors to the constitution and country they have sworn to protect.

I state these things because I become internally conflicted when I attempt to give an explanation to a child in the future why they were born sick and the environment is chemically contaminated.

From this small town of Big Pine to Washington - Tokyo - London - New York, the human race has to ask why they would not stand up for my rights to challenge a traitorous system of torture. LGBTi should be concerned because they will live in an Orwellian Electronic Surveillance state hunted by LGBTi psychopaths. They may become attacked by levels of informants that are heterosexual and vice - versa. This is clearly demonstrated by 20 plus years of attempting to evade torture.

It is a powerful statement for the strict heterosexual individual. It is coming down to a Full Blown Scorched Earth to defeat a 160 lb. male by Gay Irrationalist code officers from Los Angeles.

I argue that all of the members of Congress, Judiciary Branch, and Executive Branch should face open accusations of treason.

Sri Krishna – Declare it boldly my devotee never perishes...

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA


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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Open Letter To Sen. Mikulski D – MD


Barbara Mikulski

Dear Sen. Mikulski

It is time to put the affairs of the United States and Maryland in order. The United States is in a State of Treason. There is a full-blown Chemical-Assault - Scorched Earth in continuo.

Surface water in the Owens Valley as the Owens River Canal is completely contaminated. I have to wash my clothes in the canal, I am totally caustic. Maryland has a role in this events as I have lived in Oxford.

The Unnamed Baltimore Studio, a commercial jingle operation are alleged to be mutilating evidence. Much of this pertains to gender orientation and sexual behavior.

As seen it appears that the California Supreme Court is most likely going to sustain Proposition 8 upholding the peoples rights to direct democracy to define that Gay Marriage is not an absolute right and is clearly a state issue.

I argue that my right to have clean air, fresh food, and to be free from cruel and unusual treatment, and suffrage before the court is an absolute and approaches such within the continuum of judicial review in Anglo Saxon and American Jurisprudence.

I am a Proposition 8 supporter, cradle to grave heterosexual as most of my correspondence to you will bear out.

If LAPD which contains a Gay Militancy can target me with Chemical Assault to promote a Gay Agenda then they will simultaneously attack this country and Maryland as the poisoning of the Chesapeake Bay.

I will state that it is incomprehensible for state police and other homeland security agencies to take the tax payers money and purchase caustic chemicals, transport, store, and apply these agents to our air, land, and water.

This is a designed treason. Big Pine, California is a town of 1500 persons and Big Pine High School has about 200 students max. I first appeared here around 17 years ago. The police used to send ladies with their babies in strollers to say hello right in front of the school. These students are about to graduate now somewhere. I went to Oxford Elementary school, two grades to a room, 1- 6 for the second grade.

This country has been subverted into an informant state. Oxford is one of the oldest incorporated towns in the United States. My relatives are buried in the graveyard which dates to 1812. What I am pointing out is that there is no education or tradition to uphold my rights and confront a manifest ACT OF WAR against this country.

What is poor is that the population is and are willing conspirators in a Bacchanal that is destroying this country.

In degree the trajectory of Gay History, Gay Law Enforcement, and Gay Rights are simultaneous perspectives of Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing. This a pre fascist provocateur stage. Gay Fascism will occur when the intellects appear in attempt sanitize their history.

I am Japanese American also with German ancestors. I know the experience of having to listen to the history of German, Japanese, and Italian Fascism and WWII. In degree I am spiritual practioner in the Hare Krishna faith which also contains some extreme fascist perversions of it’s scripture. I mention the bodily designations to keep things simple.

Sheila Kuehl D - Santa Monica attempted to pass legislation that would prohibit the teaching of history where LGBTi persons did anything wrong. Amazingly Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed this law. His father was in the SS.

Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is 15 miles south of here in Big Pine.

Your personal duty as a senator is a stake as the discussion correctly turns to treason and an act of war against the United States.

There is a strong allegation that Cambridge Law School of the UK designed this event.

I argue that Barack Obama is an Informant to this country and has committed treason. This would also include the past four presidents. His debate with Dick Cheney is poor theater during a chemical assault.

Thank You for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Big Pine CA

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Barack Obama – Perfect Dictator


Barack Obama – Perfect Dictator


Human Rights in the Field

Dear President Barack Obama

It is clear that Change to you and your administration does not mean restoring my constitutional rights and ending the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that began on June 17, 1987, the 200 Anniversary of the United States Constitution in Dover, Delaware. This is the home state of Vice President Joe Biden.

It alleged that the Roman Empire collapsed due to the rise of homosexuality. Here it is clear that the system of torture that has prevailed over me is predicated over the fact that I am and continue to be a cradle to grave heterosexual. I am advocating exclusive heterosexuality versus an exclusive homosexual position.

I am an extremely strong supporter of opposite sex marriage. I have advocated for Proposition 8 here in California.

I have alleged in federal court that Cambridge Law School has deigned this impunity. LAPD contains the Gay Militancy which runs the Chemical Assault through the abuse of mutual aid.

This is a religious hate crime as I am a ritvik Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna).

The United States has attempted to sanitize world history through defection and a Machiavellian power and control play of interests over the rule of law.

In degree I am the Hare Krishna Simon Wiesenthal.

These are the main schools of fascism in modern ideology which are derived from irrationalsim. The other two schools are liberalism and conservatism:

  1. German

  2. Japanese

  3. Italian

  4. Spanish

  5. Black Nationalism

    An emergent strain is Gay Irrationalism. This is worse than Gay Fascism. Fascism will emerge when the intellects attempt an apologist posture for the chemical assault. The Gay Rights Movement is in degradation having to use Chemical Assault, 24/7 electronic surveillance, informants laying in wait, and extortion and blackmail to achieve their goals.

You can read this memo as a complaint under 42 28 USC or the Civil Rights Act.

If this were Europe the Democrat and Republican Parties should be banned from the political process.

As seen as a spiritual conservative I do not advocate violence or alienating one from their rights to achieve political goals. One can note that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid all are from areas that are heavily contaminated.

I was born exactly one day prior to you on August 3, 1961 in Roswell New Mexico.

By observation this event is it's last third.

Herein I am closing texture to continue to prosecute corrupt and de facto public officials and informants.

I am also began to present my observations as to how education can complement the failure of leadership. Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is about 20 miles south of here in Big Pine.

I question if Big Pine High School, with less than 200 students has the leadership or curricula to prevent or challenge a Chemical Assault. Your Ivy League education also seems to be inferior. Course work in the Administration of Justice for our Homeland Security Officers is useless. This is a tremendous problem for 450,000 sworn officers and 2.4 million prisoners. Their education is admissible for evidence as per under the color of law.

In degree I argue you are guilty in violating my civil rights and being a de facto official in a Perfect Dictatorship where citizens vote for a tyrant.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine Ca



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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amnesty International On Barack

AI has a more liberal impression of Barack Obama than I do. Change is for campaigns and although Obama has fresh ideas he is still obligated to political machinery that is consequential in nature.

It is ok to throw someone  under the bus to save the passengers.

Reality does not change. As the Chemical Assault conditions mount here in the United States the cheerleading and sanitization may be challenged.

FlagstaffDavid Nollmeyer


220px-Barack_ObamaBarak Obama

When he took office on 20 January 2009, President Barack Obama inherited a legacy of torture, impunity and unlawful detention. The legacy is the result of the USA’s response to the attacks of 11 September 2001, a response that has been marked by an assault on the international human rights framework.

Human rights violations – including the crimes under international law of torture and enforced disappearance – were not only committed but were also justified by the US government as necessary and legal.

In November 2008, Amnesty International called on US President-elect Barack Obama to reverse the cycle and put human rights at the centre of his administration’s approach to counter-terrorism.

When he took office in January 2009, we asked President Obama, during his first 100 days, to take 17 concrete steps towards:
Closing Guantánamo and ending illegal detention
Eradicating torture and other ill-treatment
Ending impunity
At the end of the 100 days it is clear that significant steps have been taken, including some to undo damaging detention and interrogation policies developed under the previous administration.

But other changes have been more symbolic than substantial, and the little action taken by President Obama’s administration on accountability for past human rights violations has reinforced the impunity nurtured in the past.

Read our report Mixed messages: Counter Terror and Human Rights – President Obama’s first 100 days to find out how far the new administration’s initial steps have gone towards meeting Amnesty International’s appeal to counter terror with justice.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Targeted Chemical Assaults

Dear Friends

I am writing you as events concerning Chemical Assault have escalated. Not only is there a severe twenty plus year event here in the United States, the Taliban have allegedly poisoned schoolgirls in three schools in Pakistan.

President Barack Obama is demonstrating that Change is only a campaign device for his utility. Vice-President Joe Biden is no better as his son Beau is the Attorney General fro the State of Delaware and this state is implicated here.

There are many competent state and federal officials who legally are obligated to step forward.

As conditions have escalated here in this country enemies of civilization have chosen to exploit this weakness.

I view such in terms of the  human condition. I do not view such in exclusive nationalistic terms.

My health is failing as the environment becomes further contaminated.

There has been no response from clerics, government officials, human rights activists, journalists or any other groups.

I again posit that whatever activity one attempts to avoid will have to be performed.

I hope that all will take in the interest of the biology of the human race and act by helping expose the corruption of Chemical Assault.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA
































Monday, May 04, 2009

Schwarzenegger and Legal History


Gov. Schwarzenegger

Desert Shores - 2009 020

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores - 2009 026

30 watt solar panels

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger

The current Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth has clearly emerged as the measure of your career. Not only is there a H1N1 flu pandemic emerging, a water emergency, and economic crisis emerging these Chemical Assaults arise with the LGBTi Gay Marriage movement.

I am part of the Hare Krishna Movement. Hridayananda Maharaj (Howard Resnik Phd) recently attempted a Gay Blessing in Santa Barbara. This was denounced by ISKCON the organization of which he is affiliated.

I am an independent ritvik of which a major lawsuit has also been won in India by ISKCON Bangalore. This gave this temple ownership of some 15 temple properties.

This is a religious hate crime. The reformation of the Gaudiya Sampradaya is similar to the Protestant Reformation.

I am somewhat orthodox in my philosophical adherence to my faith.

I am being continually harassed by LAPD Gay Militants while being chemically assaulted. This has destroyed huge areas of California.

I am espousing exclusive heterosexuality. This is a religious marriage between one man and one woman to procreate spiritual heterosexaul offspring.

I support Carrie Prejean, Miss California in her defense of her Christian World View.

I believe that Barack Obama and yourself have made critical errors of which the lives and properties are not at risk.