Thursday, August 28, 2008

In the Case of Futures Futures...

Anne Frank

David Nollmeyer Flagstaff AZ 5-2008

Barack Obama arrival to the near pinnacle of American politics has occurred by following a yellow brick road which mistakenly portrays him as the wizard. Vice president candidate Joseph Biden has honed an insider track after a youthful victor some thirty years past in the Senate.

All the candidates are strawmen for cultural and financial interests. Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech. Barack Obama’s aloofness will work well in the pop media cum op-ed for profit political market. It will not last the test of time as virtuoso craft as a Bach or perhaps a Beethoven. The fault of the Romantics was that they believed that they were producing the art that would endure forever. Much of their legacy is still standing. However their notions and bombast has not resounded through experience.

Obama’s is not bombastic. Intellectualizing every detail and opportunity only reveals the folly of mortality.

Obama’s Achilles’ Heal is Reality. The strawmen will lack substance against the chemical scorched earth of his political emergence. Biden’s home state Delaware, as well as McCain’s Arizona are heavily damaged. Barack Obama’s easy likeability is poor match for a gallows humour and the luck that only comes only with a ghost of a chance.

(I write from Westwood, California.)

Art must be traded for concrete reality in the civilized world of law and order that is thrown asunder the campaign bus. 

Barack Obama must recognize that the interests who anointed him as messiah or Martin Luther King’s successor are his enemies. They are just clowns awaiting their next paycheck.

This is the political shrewdness that survives the cheerleading, backslapping, and tribal cannibalism of the zeitgeist.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Northern Lights Are In My Heart

Tonight August 25, 2008 in Denver, Colorado will bear witness to the beginning of one of the greatest acts of fiction in American history. The act of sanitization of the Democratic and Republican Conventions will endure through next week in Minneapolis.

Barack Obama, the most improbable Cinderella Man appears to be a willing Orwellian Winston Smith in that he can rewrite and now create false history for the Perfect Dictator system that he is synonymous. Mr. Obama and his entourage believe that if someone is thrown under the bus, if Barack is driving they can get away with this.

The bait of being the first African American president was too much for Obama. When he takes the stage four days hence in memory of Martin Luther King’s I Have Dream Speech, this will do a great disservice to all civil rights leaders.

I write now from a meadow outside of Westwood, California. I am told that Lake Pyramid, Lake Shasta, Klamath Lake and possibly Salt Lake  may be contaminated. Everything in most likely a 500 mile radius is chemically despoiled. (I am contemplating taking the train to Denver.) 

This act would set me back 300 dollars. 

I did not crash Jenna Bush’s wedding last year either and I could have. I have no control over the chemical assaults ongoing since June 17, 1987 the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution. This occurred in Dover, Delaware home state of vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden.

If the Strawmen of American politics and media had the gravitas to identify torture instead of being accomplices we would not be here.

Michelle Obama will open tonight’s fiasco and seal her personal history as well.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Kazakh's Krishna Society Threatened With New Court Cases

By Maxim Varfolomeyev on 2 Aug 2008 

Immediately following the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Astana dedicated to "Transparency in the OSCE" the Kazakhstan government has begun a new attack on the embattled religious community of the Society for Krishna Consciousness. 

The Karasai District Hakim, A. Musakhanov, has cancelled the license to use the buildings possessed by the Krishna Society. The deputy Hakim, M. Bigediev, has told the directors of the Krishna Society to "be ready for new court cases."

On July 11, 2008, the directors of the Krishna Society were called for a meeting with the Karasai deputy Hakim. They were presented a document that annuls the license to use the buildings, quarters and cottages owned by the Society for Krishna Consciousness. The Karasai government issued the license permitting usage in 2001. The current Hakim, Musakhanov, signed the annulment document.

The Krishna Society representatives questioned the reason for revoking the license permitting the buildings usage. The government's legal representative told them that the government possesses the right to issue a license for usage and to arbitrarily revoke it.

The Krishna Society had no lawyers at the meeting and they did not comply with the order to sign the document. They requested the document be sent by registered post and upon receipt the Society's lawyers would review the document.

The deputy Hakim Bigediev responded by threatening, "Be prepared for new court cases."
The buildings in question include the Krishna Society's Temple, barn, and remaining residences.

The Kazakhstan government has been trying to establish legal status to demolish the Krishna Society's Temple and remaining properties. 

In January 2008 the Department of State Architectural and Construction Control conducted a special investigation to determine if the buildings were legal. In March 2008 the Hakim of Almaty Province instructed the Krishna Society that they had one week to accept unusable land plots. Failure to do so would result demolition of their temple and barn.
The Kazakh government prosecution against the Krishna Society began in 2005.
The process of selective discrimination has resulted in the demolition of 26 homes of the Hindu practitioners in 2006 and 2007. It also resulted in the confiscation of 116 acres of the legally owned property of the society.

The Kazakh government has offered no humanitarian aid or compensation to the society or it's members.

The Kazakh government has become a member of the OSCE managing troika preceding their 2010 chairmanship. According to the statements of the government officers, Kazakhstan may soon start legal procedures to legitimize the demolition of the only established Hindu temple in Kazakhstan and central Asia.

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