Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Achilles’ Heel of Obama


Barack Obama


Janet Napolitano


The reality of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is the Achilles’ Heal of Barack Obama and the past four irrationalist presidents. Twenty plus years of condoning the onslaught of targeted chemical assaults escalating into a full blown scorched earth are focalized as some speculate after 100 days of Obama whether the Swine Flu epidemic will damage him.

It is clear that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano finds herself in a similar posture.

I have returned from the Imperial Valley along the Salton Sea in California where persons have just been identified as infected. The entire Salton Sea has been chemically despoiled for at least six months but has never made it into the news.

Facebook is currently the vogue for causes. Nothing may come of such but a good roster of friends is a nice complement for attempting Direct Action.

Barack Obama and the American President will be exposed.


Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Human Rights


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Open Letter Mary Bono R – Palm Springs

220px-Mary Bono

Mary Bono

Dear Rep. Bono

I am preparing to leave the area for the season. The conditions of Chemical Scorched Earth in your district and along the Salton Sea are deplorable. I am struggling under severe deprivation, air, food, water, and clothing are all contaminated. The conditions of the population are only better in the sense that my natural person and constitutional rights are what are the focal target in a system of emergent LGBTi fascism to degrade civil rights.

This Chemical Assault Scorched - Earth within a Homeland Security context will be the measure for empirical performance for persons within the last 22 years since June 17, 1987 the day this morass manifested.

I do not believe because of your age of 47 years that you will escape prosecution. Alberto Fujimori was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity in Peru. This was a first for a democratically elected head of state.

I do nor believe Barack Obama will escape punishment either.

It is within this context that I am beginning to expand slowly on internet to break the culture of impunity and corruption that has stonewalled justice.

LAPD is running the event and there is a credible allegation that such was designed by the British at Cambridge University in the 1930s. Regardless the persons who will survive this event will bare it’s scars.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores


Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Human Rights

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terrorist Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons

The following outlines are from an expert source. The single issue terror group use Biological Weapons (BW) as a first choice. Most incidents are hoaxes. Conventional Terror (CT) is second choice. Apocalyptic groups fit this Method of operation (MO) in the first instance. It is clear that the American president and the 2008 Presidential Candidates are pretenders to the office and are of questionable integrity on homeland security.

Reynolds M. Salerno, Ph.D. Sandia National Laboratories February 2003

Terrorist Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons

Historical Record and Future Threat

Based on historical record, religious/apocalyptic groups pose the greatest threat (e.g. Rajneeshees, Aum Shinrikyo)
Globally, terrorists generally have preferred the “instant” gratification of explosives. Many non-WMD alternatives available to terrorists. Terrorists tend to use CBW that:

  • Require little educational training
  • Require little manipulation
  • Are easily deployed (crude dissemination methods)
  • Chemicals are the terrorist CBW agents of choice
  • Most biological cases are hoaxes
  • U.S. anthrax attacks a watershed?
  • Sophisticated biological processing and dissemination techniques
  • Lack of restraint to cause mass casualties

Other Aspects of CBW Terrorism Threat

  • Dual use agents and technologies
  • Wide access to CBW information
  • Internet resources and “how to” books
  • Relatively low cost
  • Little infrastructure required for CBW
  • High consequence pathogens and toxins stored and used in laboratories and culture collections throughout world
  • Frequent outbreaks of exotic, highly infectious disease
  • Large stockpiles of chemical agents in Russia under questionable security
  • Most chemical agents widely available.

Unemployed weapons engineers from FSU and elsewhere may be hired by well funded terrorist organizations

Chemical agent choices
Rat poison

Biological agent choices
Salmonella typhimurium
Bacillus anthracis
Botulinum toxin


Monday, April 13, 2009

Friends of Human Rights

Dear Friends of Human Rights

The election of Barack Obama has changed little in the concrete regarding the remedy of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. Many of you are academic as well as professional level persons.

The culture of sanitization as the Chinese are promoting regarding Tienanmen is alarming. Alberto Fujimori has recently become the first democratically elected head of state to be convicted. He has received a 25 year sentence.

Barack Obama and the supporters of the last five presidents should take heed.

In degree I am moving more stridently as the Salton Sea and very huge lakes in the California region are despoiled.

LAPD is continuing a posture of being a LGBTi militancy. They do not have any positive history for the LGBTi platform.

I am a ritvik Hare Krishna which means I do not believe that one has to have a living guru to receive spiritual knowledge. Hridayananda Maharaj (Howard Resnik) is a leader for Gay Monogamy within ISKCON. I am more conservative.

It is interesting to note that Gaudiya Vaishnavism is in reform. This places me as a ritvik in a position somewhat similar to a follower of Martin Luther King during the Reformation in Germany. I have never even met another ritvik in person but I know devotees that were diksa and converted.

I am going to finish this event arguing religious persecution. Vaishnavism promotes four regulative principles:

No Meat Eating
No Illicit Sex
No Gambling
No Intoxication - Alcohol or Ganja

I also chant the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra 16 rounds per day.

This archetypical pattern appears to have some invention to it as it is not directly found in Vedic Scriptures. This mean to introduce the practice one needs the correct adhikari or qualification.

LAPD is attempting to invent my life the opposite of these principles for propaganda purposes.

I have overcome the initial humiliation of not being recognized by any government or human rights organization. I still request such.

It is interesting to note that I am exactly one day older than Barack Obama born 8-3-1961. I am about 2 months older than Mary Bono R - Palm Springs. I am near the Salton Sea California.

What is unique is that I believe up until the 8th grade my abstract testing to be slightly higher than either one. The arc of lifespan, resiliency, and marginalization is undergoing some type of sinister experimentation.

I believe that Obama and Bono are criminal and act under defection to de facto interests.

I believe they will be eventually be prosecuted and this is what I seek.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores CA

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Chemical Assault: The Refutation of Leadership

The escalation of Chemical Assaults into a full-blown scorched earth has exposed the United States president to be an informant to his own country. This is a negation of leadership. The president clearly is the most powerful individual on earth. The pattern of incompetence and corruption is replicated throughout the community of nations and places the human race in considerable peril.

Nuclear and biological weapons are strategic arsenals also in the same species as chemical assault.

The compromise of law enforcement now labeled as Homeland Security also is escalated as the United States origin is within this subsystem.

The two other branches of the executive system the Congress and Supreme Court are likewise corrupted.

At this time Barack Obama is the president, Judge Roberts leads the Supreme Court, Nancy Pelosi is the House Speaker, Harry Reid is the Senate Majority leader, and Janet Napolitano heads Homeland Security.

The moral collapse of the positive government of the United States has not be checked by any ecclesiastical, NGO, or academic institution.

There is an escalation of Gay Irrationalist thought in formation that is know nothing in nature and is content to drive the United States into the ground.

Here I have to proclaim that I am spiritual heterosexual who is the main and to my knowledge the only person willing to create an objective historical and legal record to this fact.

This is to criminally and civilly prosecute this crime to it’s origin.


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