Monday, February 11, 2008

Serbia Does Not Recognise Devotee

Serbia accused of inaction over religious attacks Friday, 8th February 2008. 12:03pmBy: Nick Mackenzie.SERBIA has been accused of doing little to prevent attacks on religious minorities in the country.

The claim comes from the Norwegian-based human rights monitor Forum 18 News Service. They cite the case of a Hare Krishna devotee who has been the subject of repeated knife attacks, but the Serbian authorities have been accused of doing nothing to help.Zivota Milanovic, the only Hare Krishna devotee in Jagodina, has suffered the attack from 2001, but Forum 18 say that the District Prosecutor’s Office has not taken any effective action in any of the cases.Because of the official inaction, he told Forum 18 that "I believe that I will be attacked again."

A lawyer familiar with the case commented to Forum 18 that "any other attack with more than three stabbings is treated as 'attempted murder'." Faced with the authorities' lack of interest in investigating and stopping these violent crimes, Milanovic has filed a case with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. The ECHR has not yet decided whether the case is admissible.

Forum 18 comment that violent attacks such as these are not common, and usually happen against property rather than people. But they add that the number of attacks in recent years has increased and members of religious minorities are especially likely to be attacked.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Democracy Attacked by Irrationalism

The United States 2008 Presidential Elections are an in continuo example of the degradation of the Rights of Man under Irrationalism and Totalitarianism. The population clamors for an elected dictator who promises to provide a benefit versus a cost.

In reality this country is being marginalized by fraud in a Bacchanalian pursuit of pleasure. The media is a willing handmaiden in the destruction as is the internet. The lack of intervention by preaching missions of all faiths and human rights groups as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch provides the present and future with a measure of how through the defection and corruption is.

Genetic man and his adaptive socialized behavior and learning are easily co-opted for his own elimination. Any alignment to the United States and the United Kingdom exposes one to this virus. The are no other real credible choices.

Has genetic humankind chosen completely to pick one’s own poison to destruction?
Democracy is collapsed here to a plutocracy/kleptocracy. Anything that was ill gained is chemically destroyed under the sanitization of freedom.

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