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George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum


Dear George W Bush Library,

I am enclosing my Myth of the Contemporary Man website. You can alternatively down load or view such here:
This is from the second page of the site or Chapter 3. The Bush Library is clearly in complete without my perspective on 9-11.
Feel free to use any of my material for non-commercial educational purposes.

Thank you for your consideration.
Bhakta David Nollmeyer
Westwood CA
August 25, 2013

“That Which Does Not Kill Me Gives Me Strength”


The documentation of the system MOEC and it's in-continuo subsystem, Akbar was designed to present the victim, in the current time frame, David Nollmeyer, opportunity to record his perspective. The result is truly field research to abstract the system and prosecute the principles. Currently Part I of Myth of the Contemporary Man PT. II has been stolen with my duffel bag between Chicago, IL and Dover, DE.

I was attending computer classes in fall of 2001 at College of the Redwoods in Ft. Bragg, Mendocino Co. when I was forced to relocate due to the dirty air. I chose to visit my mother. September 11th, ensued within days. As with all planning, there are mission goals of MOEC, which are chronological and a priori constructed. Some of these events are minor and others are truly historic.

Since 2000 the law enforcement of LAPD, who are running this event, have shifted to aggrandizing the Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender agenda. This is done by using David Nollmeyer as a front for this platform which is not true. This makes such slander and possibly libel. It is now January 8, 2004, longer than many would have thought I could live. Gray Davis is no longer Governor of CA. Howard Dean is the front-runner for the Democrats for president.

I clearly did not support Davis and do not support Dean. Unrelated, Saddam Hussein was captured on December 13, 2003.

The objective is to create a historical figure that would advocate or even more pertinent celebrate the cited lifestyle as a victim of persecution. Hence the title of the present text is strengthened.

LAPD’s law enforcement officers are code-named Caan or Dealers. They are lead by The Fly a.k.a. of The Lord of the Flies. In concert with such are the Baltimore Studio or Studio and the Delaware State Police as constants in creating the culture of impunity now for 17 years.

All material systems are differentiated. There is then:

1. Manifest Function

2. Latent Function or Dysfunction

The first event is the manifest function that is observable; the later or consequent event is the after-effect at a later unseen time. The attempt to postulate a victim as a historical figure through tyranny that pertains to the HBT agenda is null. In degree members of this platform are culpable for the human rights violations as are all groups.

The intent of political systems is to organize a sustainable culture and order such to an end. Within the system the people are the nation and the territory they reside in is the state. In addition to the physical space and manifest government the state may also pertain to the laws, offices, and buildings that aid in the maintenance of it's citizens.

There are three current examples of peoples arguing for their own state. The Palestinians are a distinct nation without a state. The Kurds are also in this category. The former reside in the West Bank and the latter in Turkey and Iraq. The American Indians are a distinct nation living on a reservation system.

In contrast I have a state to reside in but no rights as a citizen. If I ever would attempt to flee I would probably choose London, United Kingdom or Munich, Germany. This would require that I either request asylum or obtain a student visa.

Prior to my arrival to Delaware, I am awaiting final orders in two RICO lawsuit's against ex-Chief Bernard Parks, LAPD, and Bill Lockyer, Attorney General of California.

The current mission goal of Akbar is to smear me as being homosexual-transgender-bisexual. The Baltimore Studio is allegedly overdubbing same sex acts on electronic tape, which could never be attributable to David Nollmeyer.

I pertain to the Vedic faith. Sex life is strictly heterosexual. In nexus, I do not follow the group or pseudo-socialist (social welfare), state capitalist, or economic nationalist ideologies. For simple purposes I argue religion as a more sustainable basis for identity. I am not ecumenicalist or a believer of synchronism of Godheads as some positions of New-Age Holism. I do strongly support inter-faith preaching. One does not have to change your deity into oneness or some other configuration.

I have totally rejected the Democratic Party on a personal level. This does not make me a Republican. Currently Howard Dean is leading the polls one week before the Iowa caucuses. I analyze his position as New Left although he is clever about discussing their platform without being labeled as such. He has postulated women, blacks, and gays as the Democratic core, which is plausible, but which is much different then the traditional labor, turn of the century immigration advocacy, and urban liberalism of the mainstream Democrats. I am not a purveyor of moral liberalism or the lesser of two evils.

In regards to more pertinent issues I am arguing the prosecution of all de facto performers. This would probably exceed 20,000 persons at the minimum.

As the focal target of Akbar I am the main subject of the experimental group. The control group exists as that part of the world that is not exposed to the conditions of Akbar.

At the minimum the subject is permitted to live through the experiment. I intend to extend this pattern for the longest possible duration, as I believe that my performance is linked to the implementation of various conditioning over others. I have achieved a 3.77 GPA over the short term of 60.5 credit's with a 3.13 cumulative and 137.5 credit's. There is no doubt that other’s performance is imposed over myself to my misery.

An epistemological or theory of knowledge concept is used that is identity based. The controllers attempt to condition the subject, hence to create one’s identity by process of cognitive behaviorism. Overall there is an eclectic psychology within a systems approach. MOEC will use any functional model if such is effective.

MOEC is integrationist. it's boundary is by no means static to the orthodoxy of one perspective or school of thought. MOEC is a synthesis of the infamous and truly great.

By isolating only one individual, the system was endeavoring to script a suicide, which will not happen. The current stage of Akbar has encompassed 17 years and over 35 US federal lawsuit's.

In continuation, there is one’s will, biological needs, and the environment. The individual must ordinate values and priorities in a crisis situation at this time. Leadership is greater than management.

As such I have had to choose a cognitive idea and link my behaviors to objects in the environment under an artificial contrived oppressive system as MOEC. I have found that an absolute morality is greatest linked to natural law. I would argue the latter to support thought and activity and to be linked to primary rights in positive law.

The controllers have no respect whatsoever for my personal views. Their positions are linked to the HBT agenda, which I do not advocate. I am not the symbol or shield for this culture.

It is clear that I am in opposition to many planks of the Gay Rights agenda. Any hearsay attempt to argue David Nollmeyer as homosexual, bisexual, or transgender will be historically attacked. I have the moral and legal right to defend my person from slander or libel.

September 16, 2001 - I arrived in Dover, DE September 9, 2001. On September 11, 2001, four-passenger planes were hijacked and piloted into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Somerset Co., PA and thus attacked the United States. The bodies from the Pentagon site are here in Delaware. Similarly the bodies of the U.S.S. Cole were sent to Dover AFB in the last year. I argue that this event known as Akbar is 100% linked to the recent terrorist attacks.

September 11, 2001 may be rendered as 9-11-01; hence the emergency number for the police or fire department. To date Misc.99-100 and 99-101 are awaiting final orders in the Eastern District for CA (Fresno).

On August 27, 2001 I was in Fort Bragg, Mendocino CA. The situation here is one of the worst from a human rights perspective in the history of the United States. I filed a criminal complaint against the Mendocino Co. Sheriff, District Attorney, and agents et al. The latter would include a total cross section that would be representative of the entire county.

Without any cognition of other events, I attempted to file a complaint regarding slander, obstruction of justice, and false imprisonment. I discussed this issue with Lt. Miller of the Mendocino Sheriff Department. He stated that my claims did not rise to the level of a claim. I then had to walk across the hall where I presented the claim to the D.A.’s office. I had to write in N. Vroman on the defendant’s side of the cover sheet. The D.A. will review the issue without a formal record.

The substance is one, I am awaiting the final orders in two federal lawsuit's and while awaiting such I am still being alienated from my state rights. This is effected by isolating my person and proclaiming that I am a homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. In the previous years, although I do not vote, I worked very hard to ban civil unions and gay marriage. I do not support gay adoption in support of species life. The US federal court upheld the right to dissent from these issues as a private matter although they may be a protected right for the collective.

All these acts are malicious and frivolous. I do not cave in to the blackmail and extortion used by LAPD and their agents to facilitate torture. (Currently in 2004 Chief William Bratton is culpable for his department’s disgrace).

In the afternoon as I was presenting the complaint, a drug lab was allegedly being set fire to by the chemist or cooks. The resulting fire in Ukiah caused two fire air tankers to collide in mid air. Both pilots were killed. In addition to the fire that is deemed responsible for the crash the general anarchy and sulfuric air mixture surrounding me must also be figured.

Due to reasons of health, I dropped school and took a Greyhound bus eastwards on September 7th. I arrived in Dover on September 9th. As stated what was originally part I of this paper was in my Army duffel bag. The last that I saw of the bag was in Chicago at the bus terminal.

Somewhere during the 8th-10th of the month I awoke and began to listen to National Public Radio. There was a piece on censorship is Singapore. It appears that this city-state and Islamic nation censors music out of fear of national security versus corrupt morals. I remembered from an earlier TV broadcast that I have seen that Singapore boasts the world’s tallest buildings in two Islamic inspired office towers. An Islamic heavy metal group named Coffin Cancer was not yet censored and had recorded their version of Bob Marley’s Get Up, Stand Up and had been interviewed.

The next day or so The Early Show on TV was interrupted. I was able to witness the crash of a jetliner into Building #2 of the World Trade Center live.

As is noted this manuscript is the discovery of a conspiratol act, also to be noted is it's classification of a system and it's name, MOEC. I argue that the events regarding David Nollmeyer and the World Trade Center are related. There is in my opinion a common authorship and abettor. This is Cambridge University and the United Kingdom. The analysis argues higher structural levels of cognition. Hence, the terrorist cells may be in fact against MOEC, but do not realize their acts are scripted and abetted by a de facto intelligence system. Hence the terrorists are furthering an agenda with different mission goals or ends. This is also a problem of multilateralism. As dependent and lower level agents they are subject to de facto and de jure elimination.

To review, the original Myth of the Contemporary Man was started in Glenwood, NM in about March of 1999. The writ of certiorari of Cv-98-7015 was denied on January 19, 1999. President Clinton was impeached and the Microsoft antimonopoly suit was begun nearly concurrently.


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Cultural Singularity

There has been a plethora of innovation as software improves. This however creates many problems on the client side as bloggers need to be patient and upgrade their clients.

Overall Cultural Singularity will fail as long as it remains in defection strictly to the interests of the United States.

There are serious problems with accountability here.

Subjectivism reigns as a powerplay unfolds here and in the Mid-East.

The presidency and the average person have much to lose as informants become undesirable and are solely placed in their positions by the police.

Automation will reign in the next decade.

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