Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cambridge Law School UK: Authorship

Cambria CA
Dateline 11-29-2007

The ongoing chemical assault defies moral comprehension or recognition. Here the authorship is exposed.

The origination and authorship of this attack has now come to the forefront. One of the myths of due process or efficient prosecution is dispelled. I am contacting the FBI, state attorney generals, federal and state officials to prosecute this event. LAPD who are also a gay militia are stating that I am secular and promoting a LGBT platform when at 46 years of age I am maturing spiritually and am socially conservative.

The ruse is that I will condone drug dealers or Gay Militants. Where are any of the code enforcement now?

Descending from the point of origin, which is alleged to be a system of lawyers from Cambridge Law School UK would give and define the entire conspiracy with closure if accurate. This would involve complex jurisdiction. The United States Federal Court is corrupt and one would give grounds for a sua ponte dismissal.

So here on internet I will state that I will gather all my data on this authorship and create a separate website for this exposition. Since I am physically in Cambria, California for the winter I attempt to confront local, state, and federal officials who are in personemm.

It is winter and I am using mobile technology now for the most part. Look for this site up in the next six months.

The Criminal Knows His Own Crime. The strongest evidence is a genuine legally binding confession from the authorship. Here we can see that Homeland Security are accomplices and the presidency and as well as all the pretenders to the office are mutual corrupt and inadequate to efficiently prosecute the law.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Structure of Terror

The following are excerpts that pertain to the organizational features of terrorism. I find that there are no qualified candidates to the presidency regarding Homeland Security and a concrete ethic against violence in this country.

David Nollmeyer
Cambria CA

When examining the overall structure of terrorist groups, there are two general categories of
organization: networked and hierarchical. A terrorist group may employ either type or a
combination of the two models. Newer groups tend towards organizing or adapting
to the possibilities inherent in the network model. Ideology can have an effect on
internal organization, with strict Leninist or Maoist groups tending towards centralized
control and hierarchical structure. Within the larger structure, though, virtually all
groups use variants of cellular organizations at the tactical level to enhance security and to organize
for operations.

Terrorist groups that are associated with a political activity or organization will often require a more hierarchical structure, in order to coordinate terrorist violence with political action. It also can be necessary for a politically affiliated group to observe cease-fire agreements or avoid particular targets in support of political objectives. This can be difficult to enforce in networked organizations.

Terrorist groups can be at various stages of development in terms of capabilities and
sophistication. Newer groups with fewer resources will usually be less capable, and operate in
permissive areas or under the tutelage of more proficient organizations to develop proficiency.

Change in terrorist leadership, whether through generational transition or as a response to
enhanced security operations, may signal significant adjustments to organizational priorities
and means of conducting terrorism. Also, groups professing or associated with ethnic or nationalist agendas and limiting their operations to one country or a localized region tend to require fewer capabilities. Larger groups can coalesce from smaller organizations, or smaller
groups can splinter off from larger ones.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win.”

Paul Watson, Sea Shepard Conservation Society

A Military Guide to Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century 15 August 2005


Section I: Terrorist Group Structure

Levels of Commitment

There are typically different levels of commitment within an organization:
passive supporters, active supporters, cadre, and leadership. Figure 3-1 shows how each successive level of commitment has fewer members. This pyramid diagram is not intended as an organizational picture, but to show the relative number of people in each category. This image
of overall density holds true for networks as well as hierarchies. Passive supporters may
intermingle with active supporters and be unaware of what their actual relationship is to
the organization.

• Leaders provide direction and policy; approve goals and objectives; and provide overarching guidance for operations. Usually leaders rise from within the ranks
of any given organization, or create their own organization from scratch.

• Cadres are the active members of the terrorist organization. This echelon plans and conducts not only operations, but also manages areas of intelligence, finance, logistics, information operations, and communications. These activities all occur in the active membership. Mid-level cadres tend to be trainers and technicians such as bomb makers, financiers, and surveillance experts. Low-level cadres are the bombers and
similar direct action terrorists in an attack.

• Active Supporters are active in the political, fund-raising, and information activities of the group. Acting as an ally or tacit partner, they may also conduct initial intelligence and surveillance activities, and provide safehaven houses, financial contributions,
medical assistance, and transit assistance for active members of the organization. They
are usually fully aware of their relationship to the terrorist group but do not commit
violent acts.

• Passive Supporters are typically individuals or groups that are sympathetic to the announced goals and intentions of the terrorist organization, but are not committed enough to take action. They may not be aware of their precise relation to the terrorist group, and interface with a front that hides the overt connection to the terrorist group.

Sometimes fear of reprisal from terrorists is a compelling factor in passive support. Sympathizers can be useful for political activities, fund raising, and unwitting or coerced
assistance in intelligence gathering or other non-violent activities.

Terrorist groups will recruit from populations that are sympathetic to their goals. Often legitimate organizations can serve as recruiting grounds for terrorists.
Militant Islamic recruiting, for example, is often associated with the proliferation of the
radical Wahhabi sect. This recruiting is conducted on a worldwide basis via Wahhabist schools financed from both governmental and non-governmental donations and grants.128 Some recruiting may be conducted for particular skills and qualifications, and not be tied to
ideological characteristics.

Of particular concern are attempts of terrorist organizations to recruit current
or former members of the U.S. armed forces, both as trained operatives, and as agents in

128 Victor N. Corpus, “The Invisible Army” (Briefing presented at Fort
Leavenworth, KS, 5 November 2002),

TRADOC ADCSINT-Threats Files, Fort Leavenworth, KS.

A Military Guide to Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century 15 August 2005

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Judge Michael Mukasey Should Not Be Attorney General

Judge Michael Mukasey Should Not Be Attorney General
Cambria CA
Dateline 11-03-2007

What appeared to be a less than acrimonious vetting for United States Attorney General became heated when the Bush nominee was questioned regarding torture and specifically waterboarding. This tactic comprises of inversion of the detainee and pretending to insert one's head into a bucket of water to extract information during interrogation. I find the faked stimulus of drowning less than credible as an interrogation tactic. I find the ticking time bomb scenario poor support or backing for torture.

Here in Cambria, California while this theatre goes on in Washington DC, there is a huge problem with the culture of impunity while acts of harassment are committed with police and authorities looking the other way. If one would stick one's hand in Santa Ynez Creek that runs through the village it would burn one's hand. All the food in stores is likewise contaminated. President Bush, Attorney General Gonzalez et al inclusive of the Democrat Senators Feinstein and Boxer have recognized the abuse here which is concrete not a future scenario.

Senator Feinstein is on the Judiciary Committee and has stated she supports Judge Mukasey. This is an act that will be part of the folly of errors that will be the future inheritance of the world.

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