Friday, May 25, 2012

Open Letter – Sen. Boxer D-CA


Dear Senator Boxer,

The 2012 Presidential Campaign is moving into high gear. As seen President Obama has shown no leadership in protecting the citizens of California and the United States from the continued Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth now centered over McCloud, CA.

What is clear is that this event is driven by Gay or MSM officers of LAPD. In this nexus an inferiority complex is displaced into an attack that easily has damaged all 38 million residents of our state.

What is easy to negate is their ad hominem attack against my person alleging exclusive homosexuality. The truth is that I am exclusively heterosexual in identity and sexual preferences. As I was just in Blythe near the Arizona border, Sheriff Babea, a Republican running for Congress was outed. Senator Kyl R – AZ was also outed in the past.

After several years of failed attempts I am still standing strong as a heterosexual. I will openly start advocating Gay Marriage if any accomplice to LAPD can prove otherwise.

It has come to my attention that Environmental History is an emergent discipline. You have advocated such resources as our Wild Rivers which I support. Areas here as the Klamath River have been Chemically Despoiled.

If my citizenship is attacked all persons lose their rights. I have no intention of backing down against the Irrationalist Presidents – Reagan – Obama or Mitt Romney should he prevail in November.

The Proposition 8 case may be decisive if the Supreme Court acts upon the case favorably. It should be clear that you, Senator Feinstein, Congressperson Pelosi have all been strong supporters of Same Sex Marriage. There is no reason for any civil person to be ashamed of supporting their position.

What is lost in the censorship and sanitization is that the LGBTi side contains the counter-culture element of a Gay Militia. The stalking and defamation of character against myself by those sworn officers is a disgrace to the LGBTi Movement itself and sworn public officials.

It is also 100 percent clear that Singularity and the development of Artificial Intelligence is being pursued to sanitize Crimes against Humanity by state actors. Hence we Charles Taylor, Ratko Mladic, and possibly Rios Montt all being delivered to court systems while the United States is entangled in a Chemical Warfare Blackmail and Extortion Ring.

Interestingly, The Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Srila Prabhupada survived an attempt in Siberia to be banned as extremist. This is the Vedic Bible and the text I use as a moral guide.

Barack Obama, now 50 years old should easily live to be 79 in 2040. This is a hypothetical time before Singularity – 2046 for his wall of sanitization to crumble.

I am fully committed to see that he is prosecuted legally here and any surviving competent officials.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

May 25, 2012


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Friday, May 18, 2012

Storyboard Technology and the Scripted Failure of the Nation-State



It is very clear that the collapse of the Roman Empire was modeled to script the attack on the United States. Here the nation is the peoples of the territory which is the state proper. Many have attributed the collapse of Rome to rise of homosexuality. It appears that this principle forms the script that supports the unrecognized Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth which is part of MOEC.

Hence a polarization of moral skills and leadership behavior are given to both heterosexuals and homosexuals. The bias is towards homosexuals. The script will escalate criminal activity with a blackmail and extortion ring in a trajectory of crimes of blood. Here the entire line of actors from Cambridge lawyers to the Gay Militia of LAPD have taken a Queen's Gambit. Since I am isolated as a heterosexual their activities in creating a culture and society of moral and positive leadership of LGBTi persons is a catastrophic failure. LAPD has blackmailed and entangled five Irrationalist Presidents - Reagan - Obama along with Republican 2012 Presidential challenger Mitt Romney.

Individualism and a sheer sense of desperate survival entangle the cell of Gay Militants. By escalating this attack on my person and family their descendants will face a higher probability of a transgendered script in the Storyboard.

Currently here in Northern California, it is posited that I support marijuana - false, and am an exclusive homosexual - false, on the contrary I have been a pure heterosexual all my life. This is in Siskiyou County which supported Proposition 8 60 to 40 percent. Also by observation on the street Proposition 8 would win by at least 70 percent. If one was openly Gay here, I do not see any major problems as there is more than enough open space although employment is poor.

The so-called Gay Marriage scripting of quid pro quos is resoundingly a Marriage Breaking or Divorce component in MOEC to fragment society by attacking the family.

The divorce rate here is about 50 percent.

I do not understand the endgame for Cambridge or the United Kingdom. The latter is a small island. The damage and criminal liability that the UK alone would be held accountable for would be staggering.

The LGBTi community has not shown any initiative to intervene while all the sworn LGBTi officials are bearing some responsibility for being criminal or negligent in ommissive behavior to terminate this event.

The preaching activities of Judeo-Christianity, Vedanta, Islam, and Buddhism are all damaged. I do not understand how LGBTi scripting of a Chemical Assault-Scorched Earth is going to support the LGBTi Movement and families now or after official recognition.

The en banc rehearing of Proposition 8 should be completed by the November election. If this case goes to the Supreme Court it could have a direct effect on what is transpiring.


Monday, May 14, 2012

The Presidential Mythology


Barack Obama


Mitt Romney


David Nollmeyer

Neither President Barack Obama nor 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney have broken out of the collusive trajectory of Irrationalist Presidents that have condoned an overt act of usurpation of law enforcement officers operating out of LAPD.

Hence a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth is in continuo since June 1987 or from Ronald Reagan.

President Obama has now officially endorsed Gay Marriage. The Gay Militia has stated their Strategic Mission is Same Sex Marriage.

The Irrationalist delusion of these actors is that by being criminally aggressive provocateurs from what is alleged to be a Cambridge University, UK proximate cause or authorship, this activity which is pinned over my natural person, now in McCloud, California has severely damaged the LGBTi Movement.

Parties that attack civilians and non-military installations as private property, let to speak of using proscribed chemical weapons will never be given status as military fighters. Also this act is complemented by very fierce stalking, quid pro quos (remuneration), blackmail and extortion.

These actions are also terror based. They are designed to create fear in a large population.

Hence products here are contaminated at the factory, worldwide and sent in to the stores. It is easily certain that in a 500 mile radius from Mt. Shasta, which is the largest town on I-5 one will find chemical contamination.

What is it like to shop and buy food here? You either buy the contaminated food that I eat or wait and hopefully there is other stock in the back after I leave the store. Clothing is almost is almost impossible to find.

Barack Obama has the worst human rights record of any president. Mitt Romney will swear into office if he wins with an escalated trajectory over Obama.

Obama is the Singularity Target

Artificial Intelligence is being developed to sanitize history and human rights abuse. Obama and I are exactly one day separate by birth. I am a day older being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. The Singularity Movement is claiming abundance through exponential thinking. The crushing of the environment here in California is wrecking the last of the wild rivers in this state. It is interesting to note that if you chose to fight this attack out from California you would of encountered two features that are unique; Native American Indian Reservations and Japanese Internment Camps. There are internment camps in Alturas and Lone Pine, California and Parker, Arizona.

North of here in Modoc County, the Modoc Nation about 200 persons fought the United States Calvary in the 1800s and lost. They now live in Nebraska.

Fascism is not new it reinvents itself. Some thinkers believe that Fascism must emerge from a confrontation with Communism because Italian Fascism did. Fascism is a state religion which is an economic class system based on promoting class distinctions. Hence an individual or corporation may emerge as a billionaire while others are kept on social welfare. The interest of the class order is first. This is kept in check by the agents of social control which are the military and the police.


Just as attacking the environment will attack all life forms that are interdependent on such, the use of a bottom ten percent Joe Virus system is under way of Gang Stalking which will result in automation. The informants are being entrapped with treason against the United States and Crime Against Humanity.

If you search the web, employers would rather choose to automate than hire the antisocial stalkers that are accomplices in this unrecognized Cultural Singularity which has censored and sanitized 7 billion persons to create the Irrationalist Presidents and their Mythology.